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10 Reasons for Microsoft SharePoint Training - Evolvous

10 Reasons for Microsoft SharePoint Training 

80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint for intranet and document management. It is not only big companies, but organizations of different sizes and from diverse industries use SharePoint with the aim of enhancing collaboration and overall efficiency. However, it is often seen that businesses fail to harness the potential of SharePoint, just because their team does not possess the necessary skills. This is why SharePoint training is important. 

With professional Microsoft SharePoint training, you will be realizing the potential of SharePoint, and get a better ROI. At Evolvous, we offer SharePoint Online training as well as personal sessions with experts. We will explore our tailored SharePoint training programs, later in this article. But before we do that, let us explore some of the reasons why you should get Microsoft SharePoint Training. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in SharePoint Training 

Here are some of the results that you can expect when you get customized SharePoint training from Evolvous. 

  • Create Better SharePoint Sites for Better Collaboration 

SharePoint sites are one of the most, if not ‘the’ most critical components of the SharePoint system. With professional SharePoint training, you will be able to learn how you can customize site pages, document libraries and lists to meet your specific needs. You and your team will be able to build pages from templates or even from scratch as needed. 

  • Discover How You Can Improve Data Management 

Creating document libraries and uploading documents might be easy. But that is not all that SharePoint is capable of. When you get trained by experts, you will be able to create and manage content types to standardize and categorize information. You and your team will also be able to create custom metadata fields and develop taxonomies. 

For example, with our SharePoint training, you will be able to learn how to manage term sets in the Term Store and manage the metadata to improve searchability. 

Speaking of searchability, you will also be able to explore advanced search and indexing features that will make it quicker and easier to find the right documents. 

  • Understand Workflow Automation

One of the biggest USPs of SharePoint, which keeps it ahead of most of its competitors, is the ability to automate repetitive tasks. Unfortunately, few people know how to use workflow automation in SharePoint. 

With training, you will get to learn about the basics of SharePoint Workflows like approvals, signatures, etc. Apart from SharePoint Workflows, you can use Power Automate to use in tandem with SharePoint and automate more complex processes 

  • Learn How to Customize the Home Site

The home page of the SharePoint intranet would be the first page where your users will land. So, it is important that your users know how to make them suit your needs. 

With professional Microsoft SharePoint training, you will be able to add custom branding to your SharePoint system. You can also customize the menus and the page layout to meet your requirements more effectively. 

In advanced training modules, you can also learn about custom web parts, which will lend additional functionality to your SharePoint home site. 

  • Security and Permissions 

You want your valuable data to stay secure. Most businesses also want their documents to be accessible to authorized personnel only. Thankfully, SharePoint offers excellent security features and granular access controls, that meets these demands.

With professional SharePoint training, you will be able to gain expertise in configuring permissions at site, library, and list levels. You and your team will be able to manage SharePoint admin center, which will give you effective oversight over the security and permissions of your SharePoint system. 

  • SharePoint Integration with Existing Systems and Processes

To use SharePoint more productively and get a seamless experience, you need to integrate it with your existing systems and processes. As a system, SharePoint is easy to integrate, but you just need to know how. 

With the help of professional SharePoint trainers, you will be able to know how you can integrate SharePoint with other applications in the Microsoft Ecosystem. Team members with a technical background can also learn about SharePoint APIs and Graph APIs, that will help you integrate SharePoint with third-party applications and systems like your project management system, CRM, ERP, or others. 

  • Basic troubleshooting

SharePoint is a very efficient system, but it is a system, nonetheless. Like any other system, you might encounter issues while using it. While using it, you might encounter problems. It is beneficial to conduct basic troubleshooting yourself, so that your team does not have to rely on others and minimize the downtime. 

With Microsoft SharePoint training, you will be able to use tools like SharePoint Health Analyzer, Unified Logging Service (ULS) Logs to identify any potential issues. You will also be able to use different tools within SharePoint to fix the issues and learn how to escalate the complex issues with your technical team. 

  • Implement Best Practices 

While using SharePoint, it is important to establish and follow the best practices. This ensures consistency across the platform and reduces the chances of usability issues. 

Our team of experts will guide you with adopting a governance plan, standardizing site and content management actions and implementing a consistent information architecture. They will not help you formulate your policies but also document the policies and make them accessible across the team. 

  • Performance Optimization

When you are working with large volumes of documents, it is critical to optimize performance. SharePoint training helps you with optimizing your large SharePoint libraries and lists, configuring the cache and BLOB storage, managing the content delivery network (CDN), and analyzing different performance metrics. 

  • Understand Compliance Settings

Different industries need to conform to different data compliance standards and regulations. SharePoint comes with a bunch of inbuilt features that make compliance management easier. 

You will be able to configure Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies, implement retention labels, use eDiscovery, and manage audit logs and reports. At the same time, you can configure Information Rights Management (IRM) features that will protect your sensitive from unauthorized access and use. 

Get Microsoft SharePoint Training the Way You Want, Only from Evolvous 

At Evolvous, we offer customized SharePoint training, that is tailored to your requirements, aptitude and your existing skills and knowledge. We offer training through various modes, two of the major ones are: 

SharePoint Online Training 

Now, you can get trained by our team of SharePoint experts, irrespective of wherever you are. Our trainers will conduct live sessions using video conferencing and interactive webinars, where you and your team will be learning basic and advanced concepts. We can also deliver self-paced learning modules which gives you flexibility, without compromising on the depth of understanding. 

In-Person, Onsite Training 

Need personal attention? We have you covered! Our team will visit your offices and conduct in-person classroom training. With hands-on training, you will get to know about real-world applications of the concepts and gain better confidence in using the system. In case you have any doubts, our team will conduct one-on-one sessions where we will address all your concerns.

For more information on our SharePoint training page, visit 


Contact us today to develop your customized SharePoint training program that will help you maximize the impact of the platform in driving operational efficiency. 

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