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3 Actions You Can Take as a CTO to get more from SharePoint - Evolvous

3 Actions You Can Take as a CTO to get more from SharePoint 

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most widely used document management system used by businesses across the world. Its ease of use, security and the familiarity of Microsoft are some of the major reasons why businesses prefer to use this system. Now, as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), you need to ensure that the organization is getting the most of its technology investments. Here are three essential actions that you should consider as a CTO to ensure that your organization is getting the optimum benefits from its SharePoint capabilities. 

Table of Contents 

Things You Can Do 

  • Audit 
  • Customization 
  • Training 

How Does Evolvous Help? 

  • Conducting a SharePoint Audit 
  • Implementing Custom Solutions 
  • Helping You with Training for SharePoint 

Things You Can Do 


Start by identifying areas of the platform that are not being fully utilized or being used inadequately. This is why you need to conduct a SharePoint audit. A SharePoint audit would include the following points: 

  • User Permissions and Access: An audit can help you identify any users who have been granted excessive permissions, as well as any areas of the platform that may be accessible to unauthorized users. 
  • Content and Document Management: The audit can help you review how the content and documents are managed within SharePoint. You would be able to check how the data is organized, tagged and versioned. This would help you to improve search and discovery and help with data compliance and security. 
  • Performance and Scalability – Audits are also helpful in assessing the overall performance and scalability of the platform. You will be identifying areas that are causing bottlenecks or slow performance. The audit can also help you determine the scalability of the platform to accommodate future growth. 
  • Custom Solutions – If you are already using custom or third-party applications, then an audit would help you understand how effectively they are doing their job. An audit will also help you identify opportunities where you can build a custom solution to carry out the tasks more effectively. 
  • Governance and Compliance – If your business is expanding to newer geographies, then you would need to ensure that you follow all the relevant data compliance regulations. An audit will help you to understand whether your current platform would be able to meet the new requirements. 


SharePoint is a highly customizable platform. You have access to several third-party applications that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. With the help of certified consultants like Evolvous, you can also develop custom solutions of your own to enhance the productivity of your SharePoint environment.

Here are some of the possibilities that you can explore: 

  • Custom Workflows: You can create custom workflows by using the inherent features of SharePoint or by integrating with Power Automate. Custom Workflows helps automate and streamline specific business processes, such as document approval, project management and the likes, saving time and resources. 
  • Custom Web Parts: Custom web parts can be created in SharePoint to meet requirements, such as displaying data from external systems or providing custom functionality. 
  • Custom Site Templates: You can create custom site templates for your intranet sites to better suit the needs of your teams and deliver a more consistent experience. 
  • Custom List Templates: Custom lists templates can be created to include specific columns, data types and workflows. 
  • Custom content types: You can also include custom content types to include specific metadata, such as project or client information facilitating search and discovery. 
  • Custom branding and theming: Customize the look and feel of the site to align with your brand identity. You can use different color schemes, fonts, and logos on your SharePoint assets. 
  • Custom Authentication Providers: You can create custom authentication providers to integrate with custom authentication systems such as SAML and OAuth. 
  • Custom Event Receivers: Event receivers are custom code that can be triggered by specific events in SharePoint. For example, when a document is added or deleted, you can send notifications or update external systems. 
  • Custom Search Solutions: Custom search solutions help you to build custom search filters and improve search results. 


Employees tend to easily adapt to systems when they are confident about using it and understand how it is going to help them be more productive. This is only possible when they have an in-depth understanding of the system. For a CTO, it would be a smart idea to develop a training program for your employees. Here are some of the tips that you should follow when developing a training program. 

  • Identify your training needs: Start by determining specific areas of SharePoint they need to be trained on. This might include basic SharePoint functionality, document management, collaboration, workflows etc. 
  • Identify your audience: Next, you need to understand the audience that you are about to train. Think about their role in the organization, level of experience with SharePoint and preferred learning styles. 
  • Choose the Right Training Format: Decide on the most effective training format for your users, such as instructor-led training, e-learning, self-paced training or a combination of these. You might also want to consider investing in a Learning Management System (LMS) like Levelup, which makes it simple to create tailored courses and allows employees to learn online, at their own pace. 
  • Create a Training Plan: Develop a comprehensive training plan that aligns with the identified training needs and audience. This includes developing training objectives, timeline, training material and evaluation methods. 
  • Develop training materials: Develop training materials like use guides, quick reference guides, videos, or other training materials. 
  • Deliver the Training: When delivering the training, you need to ensure that the training is interactive, engaging and relevant to the audience. 
  • Evaluation & Support: You need evaluate the results of the training based on the feedback you receive from both the trainers and trainees. This would help you to improve your training. You also need to provide complete support and address issues if any. 

How Does Evolvous Help?  

When you are looking to tap into the full potential of SharePoint, you need to get a consultant on board who would be your ideal partner in understanding your needs accurately, develop measurable metrics and then create tailored solutions to achieve your goals. 

Evolvous is a Microsoft Gold certified SharePoint consultant in Canada offering custom SharePoint solutions to businesses, NGOs, and public sector organizations.  

Here is how we help you with the above issues: 

Conducting a SharePoint Audit 

Conducting a SharePoint Audit is easy with Evolvous. Our team will discuss the objectives, run the audit and provide recommendations based on the analysis of the report. This helps you saves time and gain meaningful insights, thanks our in-depth expertise with SharePoint. Here are some of the key benefits of running a SharePoint audit with our team. 

  • Complete assessment of SharePoint environment.
  • Identifying best practices.
  • Providing actionable recommendations for both short and long term. 
  • Technical expertise which helps you to implement the strategies depending on the audit. 

Implementing Custom SharePoint Solutions 

Our dedicated team of experts would also help you develop efficient yet user-friendly custom solutions for your SharePoint environment. Here’s how we help you: 

  • Detailed discussions with all stakeholders to understand your exact needs. 
  • Designing user-friendly, scalable, and secure solutions that aligns with your business objectives. 
  • Configuring the existing SharePoint environment so that the new solutions seamlessly integrate with the system. 
  • Testing the solution to ensure that solution is stable, bug-free and optimized for performance. 
  • Providing support after deployment & troubleshooting issues. 

Helping You with Training for SharePoint 

As we have seen, it is important that you as a CTO, provide the right training to your employees to ensure effective adoption and enhance productivity. Here are some of the services that you will get. 

  • Assessment of training needs 
  • Helping you choose the right LMS or other training delivery platforms. 
  • Developing course materials that introduces them to latest updates as well as useful tips to enhance productivity. 
  • Helping you to deliver training through demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and simulations. 
  • Optimizing training methods and materials based on result-analysis. 
  • Curating programs based on the trainee’s role in the organization and experience. 

Speak with our consultant today and discover how we can help you get the most out of your SharePoint environment. Visit our SharePoint page to know more about our SharePoint services. 


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