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3 Ways in Which Power Apps Can Help You Improve Your Healthcare Service - Evolvous

3 Ways in Which Power Apps Can Help You Improve Your Healthcare Service 

Demand for integrating technology into healthcare management has increased by a significant margin in recent years. Today, healthcare businesses need to be responsive and offer quick and effective solutions to the needs of the patients. Microsoft Power Platform is the suite of software applications that help to your existing processes more efficient. One of the constituents of Power Platform is Power Apps. This software application has been widely used in various situations in the healthcare industry. Let us see how you can use it to improve your healthcare service delivery. 

What is Power Apps? 

As said before, Power Apps is the constituent of Microsoft Power Platform. Power Apps can be defined as a suite of apps, services, and connectors, as well as a data platform. This gives you a rapid development environment to build custom apps to meet the needs of your healthcare needs. You can build custom business apps with limited technical knowledge. Power Apps also give you the ability to connect to your data stored either in the Microsoft Dataverse or from various online and on-premises data sources. 

How Can Power Apps Help You with Your Healthcare Service Delivery? 

You can use Power Apps to quickly develop and deploy business applications that might serve a multitude of purposes. Let us look at some of the ways in which you can leverage Power Apps to optimize the service delivery of your healthcare business: 

1. Enhancing Emergency Response

Responding to the emergency needs of the patient is critical for most healthcare businesses. Power Apps allows you to build applications that can help you to establish an efficient and convenient channel of communication with your patients, monitor their health and take the necessary steps to facilitate response in case of an emergency. 

Use Case Examples 

    • App for Frontline Workers – With Power Apps, you can build an application that allows for better information exchange between frontline workers. Doctors and nurses can quickly check the status of the admitted patients, access their medical records and their status. You can also allow the doctors and nurses to access the duty roster which will allow them to quickly check which of their colleagues they can refer to. 
    • Access Patient Information on the Go – Having easy access to patient records at one place will help in delivering the right treatment and reduce response times. Often medical institutions have a centralized repository of the data, but they can’t be accessed freely. With Power Apps, you can make the data accessible on phones or other mobile devices with ease. This way doctors can check the medical history of the patients, whenever they want and wherever they are. 

2. Resource Management 

The recent COVID pandemic has made healthcare organizations realize how easily their resources can be overwhelmed without any notice. With Power Apps, you can easily monitor, manage and execute important tasks related to resource management. You can also connect your application with other components of the Power Platform like Power Automate and Power BI for more efficient management. 

Use Case Examples 

    • Manage Medical Equipment – The equipment at your medical institution is as important as the medical staff. You can build an application with the help of Power Apps that helps you to track the usage of the medical equipment, as well as the availability of the staff managing it. You can also check when their maintenance is due and schedule their maintenance accordingly. The app might also notify you as soon as a piece of equipment breaks down so that you can immediately deploy repair teams. 
    • Monitor Lab Appointments – You can also design and develop an app to monitor lab appointments. You can allow your patients or doctors to book lab appointments and let admins check the status of the reports. Once the test reports are completed, the patients and doctors can check the reports right from the app. 

3. Ensure Proper Rehabilitation and Recovery 

Medical treatment does not end with the discharge of the patient from your hospital premises. You would need to ensure that the patients undergo proper rehabilitation and recovery. Here too, Power Apps will help you monitor the status of recovery and help your patients in their rehab process. 

Use Case Examples 

    • Help Individual Patients Follow Their Recovery Schedule – Doctors can upload the recovery schedule of individual patients and then allow the patient to follow the schedule. They can check their prescriptions, the recommended tests and book lab reports. The app might allow to book follow up appointments right from the app. With the help from Evolvous, you can also include video conference features that would allow the patient to consult with doctor wherever they are. 

The Advantages of Using Power Apps for Your Healthcare Business 

So, why should you use Power Apps in the first place? Well, there are several advantages that you get when you use this suite for developing your business applications. 

  1. You don’t require to master coding or know about other technical aspects of app development. This is a low-code environment with a drag and drop interface that allows you to develop and deploy apps quickly. 
  2. You don’t need to invest in additional infrastructure. If you are already using Microsoft 365 and Power Platform, then you can use Power Apps without investing in any additional technical infrastructure. 
  3. It also works seamlessly with other components of Power Platform. For example, you can automatically update data with the help of Power Automate and then display the application on your application. 

Get More Out of Power Apps with the Help of Evolvous 

At Evolvous, we have a team of experts who have worked extensively with Power Apps as well as other components of Power Platform. Not only do we help you conceptualize the right application as per your business needs, but our team will also help you develop and deploy the app. We will ensure that the application is properly integrated with your existing systems and work flawlessly in all situations. 

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