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4 Innovative Ways We Use Dynamics 365 Customers Service to Increase Those Figures - Evolvous

Want to Get More Sales? 4 Innovative Ways We Use Dynamics 365 Customers Service to Increase Those Figures 

The customer should be at the center of any modern sales strategy that expects to get results. To drive up sales, you need to think about the specific needs of the customer. Now, technology has empowered sales teams, allowing them to plan and execute actions in a better way. Microsoft Dynamics 365 does have modules like Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing that help you to generate more leads and get more sales. But did you know that Dynamics 365 Customer Service can also be used to effectively drive-up sales, and that too within a short span of time?  

Let us find out how we can make it possible. 

4 Ways in Which Evolvous Uses Dynamics 365 Customer Service to Drive Up Sales 

Dynamics 365 Customer Service is one of these several application modules that make up Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of applications. At Evolvous, it has always been our endeavor to deliver customized Dynamics 365 solutions that help businesses like yours to get maximum benefits out of every individual module.  

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Here are some of the ways in which we have successfully used Dynamics 365 to help our clients boost their sales. 

  • Giving You a Holistic View of Every Single Customer 

When you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer engagement, you get a holistic view of the customer interactions, purchase history and preferences. With our customized solutions, you can get instant access to such relevant information and then that information could be used by your sales team to recommend relevant products and tailor their pitches. 

For example, let us assume that one of your customers reaches out to you with a technical difficulty they are experiencing with your product. With the help of our Dynamics 365 Customer Service application, the support agent can quickly access past purchases and interactions. Based on that, the agent can recommend complementary accessories or services that align with the preferences of the customer. 

  • Cross-Selling and Up selling

By giving you access to complete customer information, your sales team can identify unique cross-selling and upselling opportunities that you might have missed. At Evolvous, we have been successful in using this strategy to increase the average order value and the volume of repeat orders. 

One of our clients is a manufacturer of high-end luxury watches. With our Dynamics 365 Customer Service applications, they have been able to discover specific tastes of their premium customers. We were able to identify customers who were building collections and then suggested only those models which they are most likely to buy. 

Discover More Through Our Case Studies: We have helped our clients achieve such results not only with our Dynamics 365 consulting services, but also with our entire range of SharePoint, Power BI, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions. To discover more, read our customer stories. 

  • Efficient Case Management 

Sales do not only depend on how good your products are, but also on how well you treat your customers. When customers feel valued, they are more likely to build long-lasting relationships with your brand. We help you build a system based on Dynamics 365 Customer Service that allows you to resolve customer issues promptly. 

According to Forrester report*, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service leads to a 73% reduction in average agent handling time. With Evolvous, you can reduce handling time even further. Our solutions also help you to give more effective solutions to your customers. This has helped our clients build a reputation for being a ‘customer-centric’ business and that has resulted in a steady growth in sales. 

* Results from a government agency interviewed for The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, 2020, a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting. 

  • Feedback Utilization 

In today’s competitive environment, you need to continue improving your products to sustain sales. The most effective way to do that is to get feedback from your customers, and channel it through to the product development and operations teams to discuss how you can use the feedback to better your products and services. 

One of our clients is a management consultant, offering services in different markets across the world. They did generate a lot of feedback, but the records were scattered across various locations. With our Dynamics 365 customer solutions, they managed to centralize all their customer feedback. By integrating it with Power BI, it was possible to generate useful insights and even patterns in customer behavior. This helped the client to understand customer demands and improve their product offerings. 

Better Together: Finding the Right Dynamics 365 Combination 

As said before, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of applications, designed to work seamlessly with each other as well as other Microsoft products. When you are looking to increase sales, it is always recommended to develop a solution that leverages the capabilities of two or more of the modules. You can combine Dynamics 365 Customer Service with Dynamics 365 Marketing to create customized marketing campaigns based on customer data. Similarly, you can integrate Dynamics 365 Sales, to better lead management and accurately identify sales opportunities within your existing customer base. 

At Evolvous, we help you find the right combination that would help you solve specific business challenges that your business might be facing. Not only do we help you find the perfect combination of Dynamics 365 applications that will work for your business, but we will also develop integrated solutions that utilizes the capabilities of other Microsoft products like SharePoint, Power BI, Power Automate, as well as Microsoft 365 applications. 

To get started on your digital transformation journey with our Dynamics 365 solutions, click here to know more. Want to speak to our consultant and discuss your specific challenges? Contact us today to schedule a session where we will discuss your challenges and identify the correct solutions your business needs to get more sales and achieve sustained growth. 

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