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    Tips to increase your Microsoft Teams Efficiency ms teams tips - Evolvous

    4 tips to increase your efficiency with Microsoft Teams in 2024

    Microsoft Teams Efficiency MS teams tips

    Are you Lazy or feeling lazy? Then what if I tell you “Let’s be intelligently Lazy”. Confused?!! Okay, let’s be efficient.

    Yes, Efficiency is the Intelligent Laziness.

    It’s halfway through the year and a major section of our workforce is working from home (we all know why).

    Watch: Benefits of Microsoft Teams

    With n number of collaborative tools in the market, Microsoft Teams runs in the heart of many business firms because of its ease of use and features. Today I will be sharing 4 tips to make you intelligently lazy.

    • Bookmarking content
    • Forwarding your emails
    • Add Connectors
    • Transcripts

    We’ll talk about how you can find important contents from chat history, eliminate redundant emails, receive constant updates from preferred service providers and finally transcribing your team meetings.

    Microsoft Teams Efficiency Let’s start with something very easy!

    Bookmarking content

    Teams saves your messages for an indefinite time, which is a lot of data. Finding an important piece of information from your chat history can be daunting. Microsoft Teams gives you the ability to save those important items. All you need to do is:

      • Hover over the item
      • Select the ellipses and
      • Choose “Save this Message

    When you need to review the item, navigate to your profile icon and click on “Saved” Which will take you to the list showing all your saved items. Pretty easy!

    Forwarding your emails

    Teams and Outlook integrate so well that you can easily forward your emails to the desired channel. For that you’ll have to:

      • Go to the channel you want to post the email
      • From the ellipses select “Get email address”
      • Copy and paste the address to your email, and
      • Choose “Send”

    Your email will directly be sent to the group where your entire team can view and have an easy and open discussion.

    Add Connectors

    Connectors can keep your group updated with content from other services. It can be a tool for the developers, or HR team or any platform for news feed, project management, to mention a few. To add a connector, you need to:

      • Select the ellipses of your group
      • Choose Connectors – it will show a list of categories to choose from
      • Add your desired connector

    Once added, it will directly stream updates to the conversation tab of your group.

    What’s the point in shuffling between apps when you can receive all the updates on one platform?


    Imagine all your team meetings not only being recorded but also being transcribed. Interesting isn’t it! Microsoft Teams can record your meetings and transcribe it too.  Once your recording is complete:

      • Open the recording in “Microsoft Stream”
      • From ellipses go to the “Edit” option
      • Under Video Language select “English”
      • Then select “Autogenerate a caption file” and
      • Finally choose “Apply”.

    Going forward when you open the video, you will find the transcript created from the dialogues of the meeting. In case it does not display automatically, select “Settings” and choose “Show Transcripts”.

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