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5 Benefits of Our Custom Oil & Gas Software Solutions - Evolvous

5 Benefits of Our Custom Oil & Gas Software Solutions 

The oil & gas sector has been experiencing unprecedented shifts in recent years. Global crises, and the rise of alternative energy sources, have made a significant impact on the industry. In such a dynamic environment, having access to the right technological solutions can give businesses a competitive edge. At Evolvous, we have been delivering innovative IT solutions, tailored for the oil and gas industry. Let us look at some of the benefits of our oil & gas software solutions  

1. Enhance Performance with Oil and Gas Production Optimization Software  

  • Are you finding it challenging to maximize the performance of wells, pumps, pipelines, and other assets? 
  • Is efficient production planning and scheduling becoming tougher as your business grows? 
  • Do you need to manage remote oil and gas fields but face logistical constraints? 

How Does Evolvous Help 

Evolvous can help you build a tailormade oil and gas production optimization software based on Dynamics 365, that helps you to effectively solve all these critical business challenges. 

Dynamics 365 can enhance the Asset Performance Management (APM) abilities, allowing you to monitor asset health in real-time and predict equipment failures before they occur. This helps you to maximize the performance of assets. The cloud-based ERP platform can also help you forecast demand, allocate resources effectively, and optimize production schedules. 

It also helps you to manage remote oil and gas with Dynamics 365 field service module. You can automate work order management, schedule field service technicians, and provide them with mobile accessibility. This helps you to effectively overcome logistical constraints and manage remote oilfields efficiently. 

Find Out More About Dynamics 365 Services

Discover more about our customized Dynamics 365 services and how they help your oil and gas business. Click here to visit our Dynamics 365 page.

2. Manage Output and Meet Market Demands with Fuel Accounting Software 

  • Do you need to manage fuel inventory across refineries, terminals, and distribution centers? 
  • Does fluctuating prices and changes in market impact your profitability? 
  • Are fuel tax compliance processes becoming time consuming and error prone? 

How Does Evolvous Help? 

At Evolvous, we can utilize the combined functionalities of Dynamics 365 ERP and Microsoft Power Apps to create simple yet effective fuel accounting software. 

This oil & gas software application will help you get real-time visibility into fuel inventory levels across refineries, terminals, and distribution centers. It can also help you track fuel movements, from procurement to consumption. 

It can also provide you with comprehensive cost tracking and analysis tools by connecting to Power BI, to analyze fuel consumption patterns. This will help you to optimize fuel procurement strategies, reduce fuel expenses and increase profitability, even in a dynamic market. 

The application can also help with tax compliance, making accurate calculations based on different tax rates and exemptions, minimizing the risk of fines and penalties. 

Learn More About Power Apps 

Power Apps is the Low-code Application Platform (LCAP) from Microsoft, which simplifies app development. Visit our Power Apps page to learn more about our customized services.

3. Reduce Errors in Data Entry with Automated Oil and Gas Software Solutions 

  • Do most of your data entry processes require manual effort? 
  • Is there a high incidence of errors in the entries? 
  • Is manual entry consuming too much of your time and resources? 

How Does Evolvous Help? 

At Evolvous, we use Power Automate – the low code process automation tool from Microsoft, to automate your critical data entry processes. This saves you time and your valuable human and system resources, which can be employed on other productive tasks. 

With Power Automate, you can automate the entire data entry workflow. Whenever data is entered into the system, the Power Automate system automatically retrieves the data, and makes quick and accurate entries into relevant databases. The entire process is done automatically, with minimal human intervention. This reduces the chances of errors. 

How Evolvous Helped a Petroleum Equipment Distributor Automate Data Entry and Enhance Efficiency? 

One of our clients is a leading petroleum equipment distributor, fuel systems construction contractor and innovative service provider in the US. They had manual data entry process for their accounting system. The process was repetitive and time-consuming.

We automated all manual processes using desktop flow to convert all lower-value tasks to automated ones.

Read the full case-study here. 

4. Get More Value from Your Documents with Custom SharePoint Solutions 

  • Do you find it difficult to manage the large volume of documents, like engineering drawings, safety policies, regulatory filings etc.? 
  • Do you need to collaborate on documents frequently with team members? 
  • Is it challenging to meet regulatory compliances? 

How Does Evolvous Help? 

Evolvous is the leading SharePoint consultant in Canada and our customized solutions holds tremendous potential for the oil and gas industry. 

SharePoint offers robust document management capabilities, allowing you to centralize document storage. Currently, SharePoint supports over 400 file formats. Therefore, you will be able to store a variety of documents on the cloud, in a safe and accessible way.  

Our team will also help you build a SharePoint intranet that facilitates collaboration with engineers, project managers, contractors, and clients. You will be able to work together on documents in real time. You can use tools like discussion boards, task lists and document libraries to share updates and track project progress. 

SharePoint also comes with advanced features like compliance management, audit trails, and records management that make it easy to meet the stringent regulations the oil and gas industry is subjected to.  

Explore Our SharePoint Solutions 

Discover our comprehensive range of SharePoint solutions and how they can improve your oil and gas business. Visit our SharePoint page to explore now.

5. Win More Projects with Smarter Bidding 

  • Is capturing and managing leads feeling too difficult? 
  • Do you feel the need to draft more effective proposals? 
  • Are you able to manage bids through its various stages? 

 How Does Evolvous Help? 

We can help you build a smarter bidding system that will solve such challenges and win more projects for your business. In such cases, we configure the different modules of Dynamics 365 CRM to meet your specific needs. 

To help you capture and manage leads more efficiently, we can configure Dynamics 365 CRM to capture leads from a multitude of sources. The system can effortlessly qualify them based on predetermined criteria and track their progress through the sales pipeline. This allows you to streamline bidding processes and focus efforts and resources on high-potential projects. 

When it comes to drafting proposals, it can facilitate collaboration between sales teams, subject matter experts and legal teams to draft and track proposals in real-time. Dynamics 365 CRM to improve proposal quality, reduce response times and increase successful bid ratios. 

You will also be able to track your bids and analyze their performance over time. You will be able to respond to queries promptly and monitor KPIs like win rates, bid-to-win ratios etc.  

Get a Wide Range of Customized Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry 

These are only some of the ways in which our oil and gas software solutions can benefit your business. To know about the range of solutions customized for the industry, visit our oil & gas software page.

The Process We Follow to Implement Oil and Gas Software Solutions 

The Process We Follow to Implement Oil and Gas Software Solutions - Evolvous 

CTA: Take the First Step Towards Creating the Right Oil & Gas Software Solution 

Are you ready to transform your oil and gas business with innovative technology? Do you want to explore more growth opportunities? Contact us and get started today!

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