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5 Benefits of SharePoint for the Manufacturing Industry - Evolvous

5 Benefits of SharePoint for the Manufacturing Industry 

In today’s competitive world, manufacturing companies need to change swiftly to market adjustments such as changes in raw material costs, new quality control procedures, new technology, and so on. This industry has largely implemented digital transformation and is transitioning away from conventional paper-based documentation and toward keeping corporate records in electronic format. As part of this, technologies such as SharePoint may assist manufacturers in obtaining a solid management system for managing various development phases.  

Manufacturing industries are using SharePoint technology in their process management due to benefits such as document management, simple communication, intranet solution, process automation, and more. Employees value real-time collaboration, flexible working environments, and remote access more than ever, and SharePoint not only offers these advantages but also offers solutions for manufacturing processes. 

Manufacturing faces unique challenges in terms of improved team collaboration, workload management, and productivity enhancement, and SharePoint is one platform that can assist manufacturers in taking their business to the next level by significantly optimizing their manufacturing process automation. 

At Evolvous, we offer complete support to setup, deploy, and maintain your SharePoint environment and utilize its potential to the maximum. Contact us today and discover how our customized SharePoint solutions can help your business.  

What you need to run SharePoint successfully is a strategy, otherwise you’ll end up with chaos. That is why we collected some important benefits of using SharePoint successfully: 

  •  Creates A Paperless Workplace with Secured Document Libraries 

Managing contract information, policies, and orders is a fairly simple process with SharePoint implementation. Businesses no longer must deal with time-consuming paperwork owing to SharePoint. Manufacturers keep customer/vendor contracts, paperwork, and product histories safe. To accomplish manufacturing process automation, businesses can create document management capabilities by integrating SharePoint with their internal or external CRM and ERP systems. 

  • Improve Mobility Features 

SharePoint provides on-the-go collaboration and communication for employees working both on-site and remotely. Manufacturers are providing their sales staff with SharePoint mobility solutions to ease the availability and accessibility of data anytime, anywhere using a variety of devices. Empowering the sales staff with sales templates, product knowledge, KPIs, demos, and so on may assist them complete various duties and reach the company’s goals. 

  • Business Process Automation 

Thanks to SharePoint, businesses may now automate their manufacturing processes. SharePoint’s integrated workflow capabilities enable it to eliminate manual handling, tracking, and handoffs in production. Manufacturers can track, monitor, and check the status of every action in real time by digitizing and automating workflows. Using Business Process Automation and RPA (Robotic Process Automation), tasks may now be completed instantly. And that’s not it. Manufacturers and workers can respond promptly to doubtful or hazardous actions owing to automated notifications and alarms. 

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) 

Manufacturers can rely on SharePoint to speed up innovation, solve issues, and make decisions regarding product lifecycle management. SharePoint enables various teams to reduce wait times when receiving and gathering information from their extended groups. Based on their permission level, teams can look up information and documents on their own, doing away with the need for time-consuming information requests. From the project’s inception through its various stages of work-in-progress and completion, teams can communicate and share information in real-time while adding comments as needed. This manufacturing process automation greatly expedites the turnaround time and improves the efficiency of the employees. 

  • Web Portals, Sites, And Applications  

Based on the project needs, businesses may utilize SharePoint to create portals, websites, and apps. Companies recognize that if they can communicate effectively with their trading partners, they will be able to enjoy the benefits of their efforts. SharePoint, with its many features, may assist organizations in contract management development and make it simpler to interact and exchange contracts, paperwork, and orders with suppliers. 

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Today, SharePoint has a significant presence in a variety of businesses throughout the world. SharePoint is altering manufacturing processes for everyone, from small firms looking to expand to major corporations looking to work with new foreign operations. 

SharePoint is no longer only a third-party add-on for business platforms. Instead, it provides an abundance of capabilities for teamwork, production management, documentation, process automation, information sharing, analytics, and other purposes.  

If you’re a manufacturer trying to automate your business operations, SharePoint is the way to go. All you need to do is contact us. Our in-house experts will assist you in quickly establishing a SharePoint solution with little disruption to your business operations. 


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