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5 Ways in Which Power Apps Can Help the Healthcare Industry - Evolvous

5 Ways in Which PowerApps Can Transform the Healthcare Industry 

Microsoft PowerApps, a constituent of the Power Platform suite of applications, allows you to create powerful web-based applications which help to conduct critical business functions on the go. Now, this has transformed a diverse range of industries. The healthcare industry is just one of them, and how its evolving with technologies like PowerApps. 

Today, healthcare providers face a myriad of challenges. If used smartly, then PowerApps can make your operations more efficient and deliver better patient care services. Here, we will learn about the diverse ways in which PowerApps can help your healthcare organization. But first, let us learn about the platform itself. 

What are ‘PowerApps’? 

PowerApps is a low-code platform developed by Microsoft, which allows users to create custom business applications without requiring extensive business knowledge. You can create apps for desktop and mobile devices using pre-built templates or by creating your own from scratch. The applications built using PowerApps can also integrate with Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and other components of the Microsoft Power Platform family to enhance the functionality. 

Power Apps Consulting Services for Healthcare Industry

Why Should You Adapt PowerApps for Your Healthcare Organization? 

  1. Limited Requirement – Since PowerApps is a low code platform, you do not have to invest in additional system infrastructure or even hire additional developers to develop with PowerApps. 
  2. Quicker Deployment – Power Apps comes with an easy-to-understand, user-friendly interface which makes it easy and quick to develop and deploy the app. 
  3. Easy Integration – You can easily integrate Power Apps with your website or for mobile devices. This makes the app versatile and efficient. 

Five Ways in Which PowerApps Can Help You Deliver Better Healthcare Services 

  • Develop a Patient Tracking App 

A critical factor in delivering better healthcare services is to track the treatment given to individual patients. Now, this is easier said than done. Back in the day, healthcare providers would use a range of different charts and paper files to keep track of the medical history and the treatment administered to the patient. With the advent of computers, the paper files were replaced by Excel spreadsheets, but the overall process remained as tedious and error prone as before. 

Microsoft PowerApps makes this process faster, more efficient and reduces the chances of errors. You can build an app that helps you to track patient data, such as medical history and medication schedules on your mobile. With the help of wearable devices on your patient and the power of IoT, you would be able to track the vital signs of the patient in real time, from the app itself. 

This app can be accessed by healthcare providers on their smartphones, tablets, or any other mobile devices. This ensures that they will have access to the most up-to-date information about the patient, whenever they need it. 

  • Manage Appointments in a Smarter Way 

Managing patient appointments, follow-up visits etc. are also major challenges that many healthcare organizations face. When you are working with limited administrative staff, things become even more difficult. 

PowerApps can help you simplify this task. You can build an application that works both for the customer and the administrative team. The customer can use the app to schedule appointments and check the status of the appointment. They can even get reminders a week and a day before the scheduled date. The app might also give them the option of rescheduling the appointment.  

The administrative team can use the portal to check the appointments for all the departments at one single place. They can also co-ordinate with the healthcare providers and update the availability accordingly. They can even manage waitlists, where in the case of a reschedule, the app will automatically assign a waitlisted patient to the empty slot and send notification to the patient. 

  • Get Closer to Your Patients  

Some of your patients might suffer from ailments that restrict their movement, or they might live in remote areas. Providing quality healthcare to those patients is often a challenge, as visiting your clinic or hospital might not always be feasible for them. 

In such cases, a smart option would be to develop a telemedicine app with the help of Power Apps. You can offer video consultation where the patient can meet with their healthcare provider on a video call and get all the assistance that they need. You can also do follow-up calls and allow the patient to submit their test reports. This will not only help you serve the underserved patients, but it can also ease the workload at your premises. 

  • Enhance Responsiveness by Quicker Incident Reporting 

A major factor determining the quality of healthcare service delivery is its responsiveness. You need to respond to the needs of the patient quickly so that you can address the issue on time. However, when you are handling a large infrastructure, this often becomes a challenge. 

Thankfully, Power Apps can help you with this as well. You can create an app that facilitates the reporting of incidents like medication errors, patient falls and equipment failures. Let us suppose your maintenance staff notices some issue with the medical equipment or the patient is not responding to the medication like the way they should, then the staff can update the information on the app. This would allow multiple people to be aware of the situation the moment of the incident takes place, and they can strategize together to effectively solve the solution. 

  • Efficient Resource Allocation 

Resource allocation is another critical aspect of managing a healthcare operation. You can build a Power App to manage resources like medical equipment, hospital beds and staff schedules. Users can update the information and administrators can easily get a snapshot of resource allocation right on their phone. 

Since Power Apps is a part of the Power Platform family, it can also integrate easily with other applications like Power BI. Once the data is fed from the app to Power BI, you can use its advanced analytical tools to analyze the data and look for patterns and identify trends which will aid in better resource utilization and plan for an effective procurement strategy. 

Learn from the Real World: How Evolvous Helped Common Ground Develop an App for Better Service Delivery 

Common Ground is a US-based care provider, offering a lifeline for individuals and families in crisis, victims of crime, persons with mental illness, and people trying to cope with critical situations, since 1971. The organization had a manual, paper-based patient registration and tracking process, which gave rise to the following challenges: 

  • As everything was done manually, the process took much of their productive time and energy.    
  • Human error was another big concern.   
  • All the data was stored in Excel sheets, which could not meet the desired security and privacy setting, creating challenges from a compliance perspective. 

Experts at Evolvous designed and developed a web-based application using responsive Power Apps for managing and tracking patient information, their status, logging information and their concerns with SharePoint Online as a backend database (learn more about our SharePoint services). 

With our solutions, Common Ground was able to able to achieve the following results. 

  1. Ability to directly manage and track all patient details in the application using simple filter options.    
  2. Teams became more productive as they could focus on patient care delivery, instead of conducting repetitive, time-consuming data entry work. 
  3. The central database organized data with SharePoint Online as the backend database.   
  4. Security and privacy concerns were addressed with exclusive access management settings.    
  5. Since the data was hosted on the cloud, real-time collaboration and versioning are no longer challenging. 

Learn how you can achieve similar results with our customized services, by visiting our Power Apps Consulting page. 

How to Get Started with Building Your Application Based on PowerApps? 

Getting started with Power Apps is easy. Please note that you would need to have Microsoft 365 business account and a subscription plan for Power App to get started. 

Power Apps Consulting Services for Healthcare Industry

Here are the stages of planning and designing an App with PowerApps 

  1. Define the app’s purpose and requirements. 
  2. Create a data model for the app, including the table, fields, and relationships. You can create your own data model from scratch or import it from an existing data source. 
  3. Use PowerApps drag-and-drop interface to design the user interface of the app. You can choose from a variety of templates or create your own custom design. 
  4. Add business logic using the formula language of PowerApps. This would allow the app to perform calculations, filter data and automate workflows. 
  5. Test the application for different usage environments and scenarios using in-built tools. 
  6. Publish the application. 
  7. Monitor and maintain the application. 

Get the Evolvous Advantage 

At Evolvous, our team of Microsoft Gold certified PowerApps consultants in Canada would help you conceptualize, design, and develop an application that perfectly serves the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Contact us today and know how we can help you tap into the potential of PowerApps and enhance the efficiency of your operations. 

PowerApps is just one of the ways in which we serve the needs of the healthcare industry. Visit our healthcare services page to explore our range of services tailored to the demands of modern healthcare services. 


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