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5 Ways in Which Power Platform Can Boost Your Operational Efficiency 

In todays’ world of intense business competition, it is important for businesses to focus on efficiency. When your business is operating at optimum efficiency, you are not only able to utilize your resources and cut down costs, but you will also be able to capitalize on available opportunities.  

Microsoft Power Platform is a group of software applications that is proven to be highly effective in enhancing the operational efficiency of your business. In fact, a growing number of businesses help are adapting to Power Platform and its various component applications to transform individual aspects of their business and achieve better performance.  

One of the biggest advantages of Power Platform is that it can adapt to practically any business and scale as your business grows. Let us take a quick look at five ways in which Power Platform can boost the overall efficiency of the business. 

  • Identify Business Opportunities with Power BI

Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualization tool that is a component of the Power Platform family.  

With Power BI, you will get a quick snapshot of all the data that matters for your business. For example, you can get real time update of sales figures. This would help you track demand more closely. You can even segment the demand and identify the emerging areas which are showing a sharp growth in sales figures.  

By letting you track data and make accurate projections, Power BI helps you find the areas where you can save costs and get the edge over your competition. 

  • Facilitate Business Management on the Go with Power Apps:

We live in a world where people are always on the move. Power Apps help you to manage your business on the go so that you can carry out important and critical tasks wherever you are.  

One of the advantages of Power App is that it doesn’t require much coding. So, you can get the app and running without knowing a lot about code. The application with a drag and drop tool that allows to you create an app in no time. 

You will be able to create powerful apps that help you to monitor production, or the number of hours clocked in by each employee. You can also check the tasks that needs to be worked on and give your approvals so to avoid delays. There are number of potential use cases where you can use Power Apps to work more efficiently.  

  • Save Time and Reduce Errors with Power Automate:

Tasks like filing reports, sending out letters for approval, making entries to the CRM tool, creating purchase orders might be repetitive but they are important. With Power Automate, you can automatically carry out the tasks. This would help you to save time in terms of manhours as you don’t need to dedicate additional human resources to carry out such tasks. 

At the same time, since you don’t have involve any human effort, you reduce the chances of human errors as well. This would help you boost your overall operational efficiency. 

  • Get Faster Turnaround Times with Power Virtual Agents 

Addressing issues at the right time is key to maintain efficiency. This applies to customer issues as well as internal issues as reported by your employees, vendors or other stakeholders. Quick communication helps you to address issues and deliver faster turnaround times. 

To facilitate communication, you can use Power Virtual agents, which is AI powered chatbot that can be deployed on your website. They can be used as your first responders as they stay active at all times. They can converse naturally, and, in most cases, they will also be able to effective resolution. This saves time, resources and by addressing the issue on time, you are able to deliver better experience. 

  • Create Efficient Websites with Power Pages 

Websites are not only to make your customers aware of your business, but they can also act as a tool for effective communication within your team. For example, you can create a website where your sales team upload all the leads that they generate, the action that have taken place, and all details of follow-up actions. You can also upload all the sales presentations, product documentation and everything your sales team needs. By making all the data available on one place, your sales team will be better equipped, thereby increasing chances at conversions. 

As you can see, there are a number of ways in which you can use Power Platform to boost your operational efficiency. To explore more benefits and understand how you can use the tools for your specific business needs, you can attend the free GLOBAL POWER PLATFORM BOOTCAMP, to be held at Calgary on February 25, 2023. Read more about it here. 

To know about how Evolvous and our team of Power Platform experts, can help you out visit our Power Platform page. 


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