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How Businesses Uses Microsoft Power BI for Data Visualization

Let’s start with a small example of how Microsoft Power BI is helping in the growth of organizations. The anonymous review “Power BI is our visualization tool to make our data insightful and easy to digest. Power BI is nice because it builds on your Microsoft Suite of applications and is easy to use. Microsoft Power BI helps small business create standard views data with powerful for high-level insights, with the capability to drill down. A drill-down capability is a powerful tool for actionable insights.”

Power BI offers a wide variety of products to serve all kinds of data analytics, data visualization and business intelligence solutions. The products of business intelligence platforms are- Power BI Service, Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro, Power BI App, Power BI Premium, Power BI Report Server, Power BI Mobile, Power BI Embedded.

How can Power BI Products Power BI desktop helps grow your business - Evolvous

Pros and Cons

Actionable insights

Subscriptions for scheduled reports to your email.

Easy to use with different types of data sources.

Manipulating standard views can be more challenging for less experienced users.

So, this is the quick information from an organization that helps you understand how Power BI is adaptable and accessible. It is the most refined platform that allows your organization to be future-proofed and ready for tomorrow by helping to gain actionable insights from your business data.

In this article, we are briefing about how one can use Power BI for small business.

Every company has a business intelligence initiative to drive useful insights. The reason behind this is with time as business expand and evolve, business data becomes more complicated to manage with the same consistency. Business intelligence helps the company to perform a comprehensive analysis of their data to drive informed business decisions.

When choosing BI software, Microsoft Power BI should be the answer because of its economic model and extensive capabilities. By leveraging Microsoft Power BI, you can organize your data more effectively, and it can improve information access across your organization which helps to gain more accurate and reliable results.

Let’s break down five ways Microsoft Power BI helps business growth and why you should adopt this tool

  • Easy and accessible insights:

It’s not necessary that the user must be a data scientist or any programmer to start using Power BI for data analysis. The tool itself makes it easy to understand reports by its interactive visualizations and detailed information. If you are building a dashboard, then it is just a drag & drop process. One can organize data with a few clicks and customize it according to your choice by downloading free add-ons from Microsoft and third-party apps.

Power Bi Easy and Accessible

Power BI desktop can help users give quick explanations for ups & downs in the data charts by clicking right at the data point and selecting the analyze button. The result of this action will show you the growth and reduction of your data by providing a ribbon chart, scatter chart, stacked column chart, waterfall chart, etc.

  • Merge multiple datasets into one dashboard:

Power BI can easily create simplified visualizations from different datasets of your most business-critical data. These visualizations can be merged into one dashboard, which anyone can read and understand effortlessly using official free add-ons. These apps provide highly customizable charts & graphs that can be used to present data from various sources as creatively as one desires.

Merge multiple datasets into one dashboard - Evolvous

Power KPI gives key performance indicators and supporting information in an easy-to-understand dashboard format. The user has a high level of control over the visuals’ look and the business logic that drives the dashboard. A dashboard created from various datasets and charts can help executives quickly understand and gain insights from the data, even when working remotely and using multiple devices.

  • Better management and monitoring of Azure database:

Power BI is ideal for companies who currently utilize Microsoft cloud solutions for data warehousing since it can better manage your Azure environment. Like, you can use the Azure Activity Log Analytics Power BI solution template to produce informative Power BI desktop reports based on your previous 90 days of Azure Activity Log data, allowing you to see patterns in use and issues related to server failures, outages, and maintenance all in one place.

Power BI Desktop Better management and monitoring of Azure database - Evolvous

Leveraging Microsoft Azure to facilitate more significant ingestion of massive volumes of data and then using the newest in Microsoft Modern Data Warehouse, such as Microsoft Azure Synapse, opens a world of possibilities.

  • Power BI Q&A allows you to ask questions and get answers quickly:

If you’re having trouble obtaining valuable insights from your present business intelligence setup, it’s a good idea to leverage Power BI’s natural language capabilities. Power BI Q&A function allows users to ask a data-specific inquiry in plain language, such as “What was the total number of units sold last year?” and the system will respond with quick and informative visualizations.

Microsoft Power BI Q&A - Evolvous

Q&A responds to your queries based on the titles of columns, tables, and fields. For example, if you have an Excel file titled ‘Sales’ with standard fields signifying profit and number of units sold, Q&A can quickly return relevant results. The use of extra complicated naming structures and the Q&A function provide less accurate answers, but if you keep your data well organized, you can get more specific insights and quicker responses than a manual search of multiple dashboards.

  • Past patterns, present performance, and forecasting the future:

Power BI is an example of a product that offers excellent predictive analytics and forecasting capabilities for determining trustworthy future outcomes. The best tool in Power BI is, by adding a prediction to your line chart, you may run and analyze multiple ‘What If’ scenarios on your data, such as financial projections or industry-specific growth markets.

Past patterns, present performance, and forecasting the future - Evolvous

It automatically detects seasonality and the next reporting period (week, month, year) and provides forecasting results using built-in predictive forecasting models. These models extract likely conclusions from historical data using statistical methods (typically data mining or machine learning) and present them in a user-friendly manner with a graphical representation.

So, the above information elaborates how Power BI plays a major role in the advancement or growth of the company.

Why should I use Power BI?

The main motive of Microsoft Power BI is to empower the business to analyze informative data and keep your company very efficient and provide the tools necessary for fruitful strategic analysis that helps to make better insights. Keeping this in mind, evolves helped their client from Texas perform better in the modern business era by adapting the modern technology suit.


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If you’re looking for a way to grow your business and improve the efficiency of your company, Power BI can be a valuable tool. With access to powerful data visualization tools and real-time analytics, Power BI provides businesses with the information they need to make important decisions. To learn more about how we can help you take advantage of Power BI Consulting Services, contact us today!


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