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5 Ways You Can Combine Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and SharePoint for Manufacturing Business 

The manufacturing industry is getting ever more competitive. To get the better of the competition, innovative use of technology is key for success. At Evolvous, we have been helping businesses in the manufacturing sector to combine a range of different technologies to drive up productivity and efficiency.  

We often deliver comprehensive solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and Power Platform to improve critical operations of the manufacturing industry. 

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 The Power of 3 – How Do Dynamics 365, Power Platform and SharePoint Combine for the Manufacturing Industry? 

The opportunities are immense when you combine Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and SharePoint for your manufacturing business. SharePoint gives you exceptional document management capabilities, whereas Dynamics 365 combines CRM & ERP functionalities and Power Platform applications help with diverse tasks, ranging from analytics to process automation. Here are some ways they can combine to deliver a higher level of efficiency for the manufacturing sector. 

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Inventory Management & Procurement 

Managing inventory and procuring the required materials at the right time is fundamental for sustained performance in the manufacturing industry.  

With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, you can manage inventory and procurement processes effortlessly. Simultaneously, with the help of our Power Apps solutions, you can create our custom apps that will allow you to monitor inventory levels and even process orders. Likewise, we can also Power Automate can also be used to automate the ordering process. For example, it can automatically order materials whenever the stock goes below a set level. 

While a combination of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications can enhance operational efficiency, our Microsoft SharePoint solutions make document management easier. We can help you build SharePoint online document libraries that would help you store documents related to supplier contracts and agreements. This makes the documents easily accessible to all members of your team, no matter where they are or which device they use.  

Quality Control & Compliance 

Organizations can use the quality and nonconformance management features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to help you improve product quality in supply chains. You can manage turnaround times by efficiently handling nonconforming products, regardless of their point of origin. You also can schedule tasks to correct problems and prevent them from recurring. 

We can also help you use Power BI to analyze historical production data to discover insights into quality issues. With its in-built AI (Artificial Intelligence) features, Power BI can also create accurate projections that will help you find the most ideal solutions to manage quality issues and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.  

Empower Your Manufacturing Operations with Power BI 

Power BI can help you discover better insights from data, allowing you to identify process bottlenecks and predict market demands. Explore our Power BI Services to know more about how they can digitally transform your manufacturing business.

With the help of SharePoint, you can build an intranet for your QA/QC teams where members can seamlessly share inspection reports, audit records and compliance documents. Not only does this act as a central repository of all things related to product quality but you can route documents to the appropriate team more easily. 

Work Order Management 

With our innovative solutions, manufacturing businesses can successfully use Dynamics 365 Field Service, which can be used to manage service and maintenance work orders. The application can also be used to dispatch field service teams promptly as a response to emergencies. 

Creating work orders is a repetitive task which takes up considerable time and effort from your team. With the help of Microsoft Power Automate, we can help you automate work order creation and assignment based on set criteria. This frees up your resources, allowing you to focus on more high value tasks. 

SharePoint Online allows you to store work order history and documents for service engineers, facilitating efficient field operations. Since SharePoint Online is hosted on the cloud, the documentation will be available to teams across various locations. 

Collaborative Document Management 

A manufacturing business needs to manage a large volume of documents every day. With SharePoint, we will help you build a central document management platform. You can also build a custom intranet with SharePoint that allows for easier information exchange between diverse teams – including operations, logistics, quality control and project management groups. 

How We Helped Unilever Build a More Robust Intranet? 

Unilever, a global brand, has over 200,000 professionals worldwide who work with clients and external consultants, thousands of partners, customers, and vendors, creating a strong demand for efficient teamwork. At Evolvous, we planned and executed the brand-new intranet for Unilever with their desired custom branding and security. Click here to discover how we helped Unilever to reinvent their intranet and pave the way for higher productivity.

With the help of Power Automate, you can automate the document approval process. We would help you build a system that automatically sends emails to the managers concerned, and route approvals more efficiently.  

Dynamics 365 can link to SharePoint, making it easier to access essential business documents for relevant teams. This includes manufacturing instructions, product specifications and compliance certificates. 

Sales and Customer Relationship Management 

Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service enables efficient sales and customer service operations. Since both are constituents of the Dynamics 365 suite of applications, they can integrate seamlessly together, allowing you to manage and execute critical tasks from one single, comprehensive dashboard. 

Our team can help you leverage the low-code capabilities of Power Apps to build custom sales and customer service apps. These apps will help you streamline order processing. You can also allow customers to raise support tickets from their mobiles, facilitating issue resolution and improving overall customer experience. 

By building a SharePoint library, you can store customer contractors, proposals, communications, and you can access critical information easier for sales and customer support teams. 

Develop Tailored Solutions for Your Manufacturing Business 

These are some of the ways in which you can combine different technologies from Microsoft to improve your manufacturing processes. Contact us to discuss your project and discover opportunities to enhance productivity and efficiency. 


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