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6 Business Problems You Can Solve with AI in Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Evolvous

6 Business Problems You Can Solve with AI in Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has had a transformative impact on businesses, ever since Dynamics GP was launched way back in 1981. With the addition of AI capabilities to Dynamics 365, businesses can use this suite of applications to achieve greater feats and make their business more productive. Artificial Intelligence is helping businesses solve problems in a better and effortless way. Let us look at some of the challenges that you can solve with the help of AI capabilities of Dynamics 365.  

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How You Can Solve Business Problems with AI in Microsoft Dynamics 365 

  • Problem: Poor Sales Forecasting 

Volatile markets are a common challenge, no matter which industry you are in. In such an environment, having a system that allows you to forecast sales accurately is beneficial as it helps you in more efficient planning and allocation of resources, therefore optimizing costs. 

The AI Solution: Dynamics 365 for Sales is an application that is built specifically for sales operations. Its AI capabilities can help you analyze historical sales data, market trends and external factors to provide you with highly accurate sales forecasts, helping you to plan your inventory and align your resource management strategies accordingly. 

How We Help: Our team at Evolvous will work closely with your sales and data teams to configure AI-driven predictive models within Dynamics 365 for Sales. We can fine-tune the algorithms for more accurate sales forecasts. You will also get guidance on how you interpret the forecast and make suitable changes to your strategies. 

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  • Problem: High Churn Rate Among Customers 

You operate in a highly competitive space. This means that your customers have more options than ever before. In such a space, it is critical to retain your customers. However, most businesses suffer from high churn rates among their customers, which increases the customer acquisition costs. 

The AI Solution: Here you can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights application. Its AI capabilities can analyze data on customer behavior & engagement to identify patterns that indicate potential churn. This in turn allows you to build proactive customer retention strategies. 

How We Help: We can configure AI models within Dynamics 365 to provide you with real-time analysis of customer behavior, across various parameters. This helps you to identify signs of churn well in time. Our team can also help you design targeted retention strategies that keep customers engaged with your brand. 

  • Problem: Ineffective Marketing Campaigns 

Understanding customer demands and preferences has become increasingly difficult. Most marketing campaigns do not get the desired results. Lack of insight into customer data is one of the biggest reasons behind their failures. 

The AI Solutions: With the help of AI capabilities of the Dynamics 365 Marketing application, you can identify target audiences and get unique and useful insights into their behavior. You can also build a model that allows you to predict the success of different market strategies that you might be planning. 

How We Help: We start by having a detailed discussion with your marketing team to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and target audience segments. Our team will connect various data sources to collect information on your customers. Then, we implement AI tools within Dynamics 365 Marketing to analyze customer behavior and preferences. This will facilitate optimization of marketing strategies, ensuring your marketing efforts have a measurable impact. 

  • Problem: Difficulty in Supply Chain Management 

Getting the right material available at the right time is easier said than done! Managing complex supply chains, especially the ones spread across multiple geographies and markets. To manage supply chains, you must monitor several factors simultaneously and take informed decisions on time. This is challenging to say the least. 

The AI Solution: With the AI Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management application, you will be able to predict demand more accurately and in advance. You will also be able to optimize inventory levels and even monitor supplier performance. This allows you to build a more responsive supply chain. 

How We Help: We work with your production and resource management teams to develop custom solutions based on the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management application. We will configure AI-driven demand forecasting, inventory optimization and supplier performance monitoring. Our team will also help you integrate the solution into your existing infrastructure. 

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  • Problem: Manual Data Entry Errors 

Data entry is a critical part of customer management, inventory management and various other operational processes. However, doing it manually increases the chances of errors. Given the volume of data entry work, cross-checking the data becomes difficult and errors often go undetected. 

The AI Solution: The AI tools of Dynamics 365 can help you to extract data accurately from various data sources. This effectively helps you to reduce the chances of errors and even reduce the time taken to make data entries. 

How We Help: We can help you utilize the AI-driven data extraction and validation tools into your Dynamics 365 environment. These tools will be configured to accurately extract data from the documents and make the entries. Our team can also integrate other tools like Power Automate to completely automate the process. 

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  • Problem: Inefficient Customer Service 

Responding to customer queries and complaints promptly is a major factor in the enduring success of a brand. To do that, you must make significant investments in hiring a sizeable workforce dedicated to customer services. If you fail to do that, your customers will have to put up with longer wait times, that will affect your business. 

The AI Solution: You can create AI-powered chatbots and virtual agents to handle routine customer inquiries with the help of Dynamics 365 Customer Service application. This way you can provide instant response to queries and free up human agents to focus on more complex issues. 

How We Help: We help to design, deploy, and monitor AI-powered chatbots and virtual agents. Our team will assist you in creating your conversational flows that address common customer queries. Evolvous also helps you seamlessly integrate these solutions into your customer service workflows. We will also work with your customer service teams to continually refine the bots’ responses, making them more helpful to your customers.  

  • Problem: Compliance and Fraud Detection 

With the rise of online transactions, the incidences of fraud have gone up. Your business also needs to conform to various compliance requirements. Managing this is a major challenge. 

The AI Solution: AI in Dynamics 365 can monitor transactions, detect anomalies, and identify potential fraud by analyzing patterns and trends in financial data. This enhances compliance and security. 

How We Help: We would collaborate with your finance and compliance teams to configure AI models that monitor transactions and flag anomalies. This helps you to enhance your security measures and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Making AI more Accessible with AI Copilot 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has made operating AI tools more accessible with the introduction of AI copilot. AI copilot integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into Dynamics 365 applications to assist users in their tasks. With AI copilot, you do not have to use complex codes to execute AI commands. Simply type in your queries and needs and the AI copilot will get it done.  

Not only does AI copilot make it easier to execute commands, but it can also provide you with real-time suggestions including recommended actions, steps, and even best practices. AI copilot can also automate routine tasks. So, if you are confused about the vast functionalities and capabilities of Dynamics 365, AI copilot makes things more effortless & accessible. 

To know more about AI copilot, and how you can use it, read our blog on AI copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365. AI copilot integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into Dynamics 365 applications to assist users in their tasks.

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