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Get More Done with AI Copilot in Microsoft Power Automate 

In November 2023, Microsoft shared a range of diverse ways to use AI copilot in Power Automate. These methods, shared during the Microsoft Ignite event, promise to give users simplified and efficient ways to automate and orchestrate business processes across the organization. 

What is AI Copilot in Power Automate? 

AI Copilot, as it exists across the Microsoft ecosystem today, can be defined as the feature which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist users and developers to generate codes and carry out other key functions, without having extensive technical knowledge.  

By combining Natural Language Processing (NLP) with advanced AI capabilities, AI copilot allows you to enter your query in a simple, ‘conversational’ tone and the system will generate the code as required. 

With AI Copilot, you will be able to ask questions and get assistance making improvements and changes to your Power Automate flows. By using natural language, you will be able to efficiently build and enhance everything from a simple flow to a complex, robust enterprise-wide process. 

To know more about the AI Copilot in Microsoft Power BI, click here. 

Using the AI Copilot Feature in Power Automate Desktop 

Ever since AI Copilot was launched for Power Platform in March 2023, users have been quick to adapt to it to facilitate operations. The Microsoft Power Automate Desktop application gives access to desktop flows. The desktop flows use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate the UI (User Interface) of the desktop or virtual machine (VM). 

The AI Copilot feature in the Power Automate Desktop application comes with a user-friendly interface that offers hundreds of prebuilt drag-and-drop actions which makes it better and easier to get started with process automation. 

Some Common Examples of AI Copilot Prompts in Power Automate 

At Ignite 2023, Microsoft shared some of the useful AI Copilot prompts in Power Automate. Here are some of the prompts that users can use in common scenarios. 

“How can I add a condition?” 

This prompt can give you methods to add conditional statement within your Power Automate flow. You can modify the prompt to generate code snippets as required to add specific condition within Power Automate. 

“How can I edit a web selector or create my own?” 

If you know the basics of Power Automate, then you will know that web selectors are elements like button and input fields that users interact with within a flow. 

You can use AI Copilot to edit the nature of web selectors or even get suggestions on how to create a custom web selector. 

“How can I run a PowerShell script?” 

If you wish to run a PowerShell script within your Power Automate flow, then this prompt can help you get relevant suggestions. You can also modify the script to generate entire PowerShell scripts to execute specific tasks as required by you. 

How to Get Started with AI Copilot in Power Automate Desktop? 

Using AI Copilot on Power Automate Desktop is easy. Here are some of the quick and simple steps that you need to follow to get started with using the feature on your Power Automate Desktop application. 

STEP 1: Download the latest version of Power Automate Desktop. Click here to download. 

STEP 2: Launch the Power Automate Desktop console or designer. Click on the Copilot button on the top right. 

STEP 3: Once the AI Copilot pane opens, you can choose from the pre-defined prompts or enter your own depending on your needs. 

How to Generate Custom Scripts in Power Automate Using AI Copilot? 

Custom scripts might be necessary to execute specific tasks within Power Automate flow.  With AI copilot, you have a higher chance of generating error-free code without any hassles. Here is what you need to do to generate custom scripts with the help of AI copilot in Power Automate. 

  1. Launch the latest version of Power Automate for desktop application. 
  2. Start the designer and navigate to the scripting actions group in the actions pane. 
  3. Drag and drop any of the following actions: “Run PowerShell,” “Run VBScript,” “Run DOS command,” “Run JavaScript,” or “Run Python.” 
  4. Click on the “Generate script with Copilot” button. 
  5. Write your prompt and click on the “generate” button. 

Examples of Prompts: 

At Microsoft Ignite 2023, here are some of the prompts that where shared by the team from Microsoft which would allow to generate custom scripts: 

PowerShell: “Write a script that will perform a POST request to URL and pass the %invoices% variable.” 

VBScript: “Write a script that will list the name of the local computer.” 

Run DOS command: “Write a command that will list all the folders in C drive.” 

Run Python command: “Write a script that will join two strings: String A = Foo and String B = Bar.” 

Run JavaScript: “Write a script that will return the product of number A number B.” 

Using AI Copilot to Analyze Automation Activity 

Announced in Microsoft Ignite 2023, this new Copilot experience will enable CoE (Centers for Excellence) teams to easily analyze the health and performance of their automations by simply using natural language. Here are the steps you must follow to use Copilot to analyze activity and performance on Power Automate. 

  1. Visit the Power Automate dashboard and sign in. 
  2. Select “desktop flow activity” from the left navigation pane. 
  3. Select the “Copilot (preview)” button in the upper right corner. 
  4. Once the Copilot pane opens, choose one of the predefined prompts or write your own. 

How Does Evolvous Help You Realize the True Potential of AI Copilot in Power Automate? 

At Evolvous, we offer custom solutions for Power Automate to businesses. Here are some of the ways in which our team can help you get the maximum advantage from the AI copilot feature in Power Automate: 

  • Identify specific use cases where AI copilot in Power Automate can bring in the most value. 
  • Integrate AI copilot seamlessly with existing systems, applications, and organization workflows. 
  • Provide training sessions to users and other stakeholders to effectively utilize AI copilot. 

To find out more about our Power Automate consulting services, contact us today.

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