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Why Does Your Business Need Analytics and Business Intelligence?

Making data-driven decisions is key for success in today’s dynamic business environment. Power BI enriched advanced business analytics is a potent strategy facilitating decision making.

With customized and innovative analytics and business intelligence solutions from Evolvous, you can get access to the tools that help you visualize and analyze your data and take better decisions.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to invest
in analytics and business intelligence:

More than 91% of organizations achieved measurable value from analytics and business intelligence, driving growth.

Surveys find that 88% of businesses think that BI and other analytical tools are critical for better decisions.(Dresner)

Companies making data-driven decisions are 6% more profitable and 5% more productive than the ones who do not.(McKinsey)

So, can you afford not to have a robust analytics and business intelligence solution for your business?

Overcoming Challenges of Analytics and Business Intelligence

As a business you might want to invest in analytics and business intelligence,
but there are several hurdles that you might face

You have data stored in disparate systems and formats, making it difficult to integrate and harmonize the data for analysis.

Your organization is growing rapidly or diversifying, and your current BI system is just unable to meet the demands.

You are finding it challenging to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and completeness of the data, which leads to misleading insights.

You and your team lack the skills to use analytics and BI tools to their fullest potential.

Your current analytics system requires maintaining a complex and expensive infrastructure.

At Evolvous, we offer cloud-based, low-code business analytics solutions that are easier to adapt to. We offer comprehensive solution development, deployment, support, training, and beyond to help you overcome all these challenges.

Are You Facing a Specific Challenge?

If you are facing a specific challenge with your current analytics and business intelligence platform, feel free to contact our team of experts to discover the right solution.

Evolve Your Business Analytics with AI

At Evolvous, our aim is to help you evolve with purpose. We are the leading innovator in analytics and business intelligence. We design and develop comprehensive solutions based on Microsoft Power BI, which harnesses the power of AI to enhance the way you analyze data and make crucial decisions.

Advantages of our
AI-based Analytics
and Power BI solutions

Advanced analytics using Power BI - Evolvous

Easier Data Preparation

With AI, you simplify tasks such as data extraction, cleansing, transformation, and modeling, reducing the time and effort and improving results.

Advanced analytics using Power BI - Evolvous

Natural Language Querying

Say goodbye to complex BI formulas! With the AI copilot feature, you can enter instructions in plain language to execute even complicated actions.

Improved Data Visualization

AI can automatically select the ideal chart types, colors, and layouts based on the data and your requirements, improving clarity and efficiency.

To know about our journey and the results we have delivered for our globally
diverse clientele, visit our About Us page.

Our Range of Services for Analytics and Business Intelligence

Data Strategy and Roadmap Development
  • Defining goals, objectives and KPIs.
  • Developing roadmap for implementation.
Data Governance and Compliance
  • Ensuring GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA compliance.
  • Data privacy, access control & risk management.
Data Warehousing and Integration
  • Design and implement data warehouses
  • Ensure consistency, scalability, and performance
Tool Selection and Implementation
  • Selection and implementation of the right tools.
  • Configuring the platform to align with objectives.
Advanced Analytics and Predictive Modeling
  • Using predictive modeling, AI and ML to forecast trends.
  • Developing data-driven decision-making frameworks.
Migration Services
  • Migrating on-premises system to cloud analytics.
  • Minimizing downtime and ensuring data integrity.
Training and Knowledge Transfer
  • Training programs and workshops to educate users
  • Guidance on best-practices, compliance, and security

The Process We Follow for Analytics and Business Intelligence Implementation

Step 1

Assessment and Requirement Gathering

Step 2

Design and Planning

Step 3

Development and Implementation

Step 4

Testing and Quality Assurance

Step 5

Deployment and Training