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Top 9 Benefits of the Microsoft 365 Training - Evolvous

9 Benefits of Microsoft 365 Training 

Microsoft 365 is the go-to-tool for over 345 million people. Getting a new AI infused tool is a great step forward for any business, but knowing how to use it is the second challenge businesses hesitate to face.  

The first challenge remains the procurement and installation of the tool, which is like new water for different organizations. Both processes require an investment of time and resources, and businesses fear that too much attention to any new product could ruin their already established business structure.  

But when we say we are talking about Microsoft 365, you must brace yourself, as it is no ordinary tool. In fact, it is “The Tool,” capable of transforming a large part of your business within minutes of its integration.  

However, the second challenge always remains the bigger cliff to climb. Mostly, it requires organizations to use different forms of resources for a fixed time. But let us tell you that if you have a flying car or even a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) and no one knows how to fly it, there will only be nothing more for you in the kitty when you could already have so much more. 

Thus, training is a must and, in any case, needs to be completed to understand how well one can get support from the tool. If you want more motivation to take on the Microsoft 365 training, then quickly browse through this blog article to understand what benefits you can get from it. 

For those who are beginners in this segment, Microsoft training goes a long way toward strengthening careers. On a personal level, Microsoft training draws employee attention and has helped many, as seen from the statistics below.  

  • 61% got a promotion after a Microsoft 365 training. 
  • 91% had an increased confidence level post-MS training. 
  • 76% have more job satisfaction with these training courses. 
  • 73% have leveled up their skillsets with the help of these certifications. 

Microsoft technology is embraced worldwide, and each organization using it has greatly benefitted from it. But whether a pro or a novice, every new technological integration requires training. Without training, employees might face certain hiccups. Therefore, focusing on Microsoft 365 training for employees is essential. There are several benefits to getting this training at an organizational level. 

Top 9 Benefits of the Microsoft 365 Training 

What do you gain from it if you take it? 

  • Get less confused with your platform. 

Using complicated software can be frustrating, but if you are trained for it, you might not even think twice while using it. You will be more focused and less confused, and you will already be working towards harnessing the best from the tool. 

Lacking knowledge around these points can frustrate any user. 

  • Appropriate search features 
  • Complex permission settings and integrations 
  • Vague error messages 
  • Dealing with complicated permission settings can be dealt with promptly. 
  • Complications involved between different tools and their integrations 

With the right kind of training, a person would not have to worry about understanding the way different tools work; hence, we vouch for training. 

  • Better grip over user experience 

If a user is trained the right way, they can understand a few points better, which means they can, in return, do business better.

9 Benefits of Microsoft 365 Training - Evolvous

  • Customizing their settings is easy to understand. 
  • Setting up notifications and matching ways of working and preferred workflows is possible. 
  • Smart folders, auto-formatting options, and suggested actions are different productivity features that can be used better. 
  • Creating file versions, setting reminders, and creating workflow automations are some of the best user experience benefits. 
  • Increase in productivity 

Training helps people know the best ways in which different tools can be used. Tools like the Office apps, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and others can be used more effectively with proper training. 

Knowing how to use different features of Excel can improve their analytical skills while saving more time for other essential activities. 

  • Better management of data  

Managing data means developing a better understanding of it and about it. MS 365 can be used to manage data across different tools like OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and Microsoft Lists. 

Putting it to daily use means employers will slowly learn the best way to store, organize, and access data. It will help reduce errors, improve accuracy, and provide better data security options. 

  • Facilitates instructor-led training course scheduling 

If, as a learner, you need instructor-led training courses – you can schedule them anytime. Microsoft-certified trainers will train you after you have decided on a course.  

With Evolvous, a Microsoft Gold Partner, once you complete a training course, not just an instructor-led training course, but any of them, you are entitled to receive a course certificate.  

  • Grow and validate your skills 

Usually, from an organizational as well as individual standpoint, with every new training, individuals can grow their skillsets, abilities, and strengths. Improved skillsets are always an asset for industries. Thus, allowing them to have the Microsoft 365 training is essential to growing and validating the required skills required by an organization and is a way to grow the business for the organization. 

  • Keep your staff updated 

Updated means keeping the right knowledge circulated within your organization. If your staff is updated, they will pull the wagon forward easily. Hence, it is essential to keep your staff updated on everything you begin in your organization.  

  • Different skill-level content is available

Filtering content is possible based on the level one wishes to cover. There are three different levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. Every kind of training is available with the courses. You can always start wherever you left off. Creating and curating courses is possible with reference architecture, code samples, training content custom sets, and technical documentation. 

  • Training facilitates code sample trials

Training can help coders design, write, test, debug, and conduct different codes. The exact nature of the code trials matters. With simulations, users can test and train their susceptibility to attacks. 

With all this and more left unsaid for you to explore, getting Microsoft 365 training could help you use the tool on a completely different level. We, at Evolvous, can help you learn the complete potential of the associated tools. Understand more from here with our exhaustive and expert training facilities. 

It is your day to get trained, and it’s your turn to make a difference. 

Join us in our efforts to provide the best kind of training experience. 

Contact us today to understand more about Microsoft 365! 

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