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What is the Main Use of Power Automate? - Exploring its Impact on Different Industries - Evolvous

Benefits of Power Automate (Formerly Microsoft Flow) on Different Industries 

Power Automate from Microsoft has made process automation accessible. It is not rare to find that a company is using Power Automate to automate business processes. Despite this, organizations often seem to fail to realize the potential of Power Automate. This is primarily because they are not aware of the applicability Benefits of Power Automate in different scenarios.  

With innovative application of Power Automate, you can identify opportunities to help you improve operational efficiencies. Certain functionalities of Power Automate can be deployed in various environments, achieving better results at an optimized cost. 

Here, we would look at the main use of it across different industries. We would also look at certain functionalities and the industry use cases they are ideal for. 

What is the Main Use of Power Automate in Different Industries?  

Microsoft Power Automate is a process automation application which allows you to create and automate digital workflow. Most organizations, irrespective of their industry and markets, must conduct certain repetitive tasks. These tasks include filing reports, creating purchase orders, generating invoices etc.  

What is the Main Use of Power Automate? Exploring its Impact on Different Industries - Evolvous

The main use of Power Automate is to streamline business processes, freeing up material and human resources that could be more productively used in other, high value tasks. At Evolvous, we have helped businesses from different industries utilize Power Automate to drive up efficiency. 

Learn More About Our Power Automate Solutions 

At Evolvous, we offer custom solutions based on Power Automation to help businesses discover the benefits of process automation. To discover more about our Power Automate solutions, click here. 

Benefits of Power Automate in Finance Industry 

Here are some of the ways in which we help the finance industry utilize Power Automate to drive up efficiency in operations and service delivery. 

  1. Invoice Processing: You can automate the extraction of relevant data from incoming invoices and process that data. With this, you can capture invoice information, create records in the accounting software or database and trigger automation workflows. This reduces the time and the incidence of errors in invoice processing. 
  2. Customer Onboarding & KYC (Know Your Customer): KYC checks are critical for a lot of inter-dependent processes. However, KYC and customer background verification often takes a significant amount of time. With Power Automate, you can automatically trigger background checks as soon as you receive the information from the customer. Similarly, you can also send emails automatically requesting the required information. We can also help you build Power Automate flows that would help you to fill in the customer information automatically in the database, meeting all necessary compliance standards. 
  3. Automating Credit Approval Process: Our Power Automate solutions can also help you streamline your credit approval process for loans and credit applications. You can automate credit scoring, information collection and storage, and automate repetitive workflows. 
  4. Loan Origination & Servicing: If you are in the business of loan disbursement, then it can prove to be a potent tool for your organization. You can automate various, interconnected processes as per your requirements. You can automatically share updates through emails to the concerned individuals within your organization or with the customer as well. 

Get Custom Solutions for the Finance Industry 

At Evolvous, we have worked closely with the finance industry in Canada and across the world. Our solutions not only utilize Automate, but also leverage the capabilities of Power BI, Power Apps, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and other applications. Click here to explore how our tailored solutions for the finance industry can help your business. 

Benefits of Power Automate in the Construction Industry 

Construction industry can also benefit by utilizing the potential of Automation. It can help you reduce the time taken to complete projects by reducing the effort spent on repetitive tasks. Here are some of the ways in which our construction industry solutions based on Power Automate can help your construction business. 

  • Timesheet Management: Power Automate gives you a simple yet highly effective way to manage timesheets on site. You can automate timesheet submission and approval processes for both your employees and subcontractors. You can also set triggers which will send reminders for timesheet submission, ensuring consistency. 
  • Bid and Proposals: Follow-ups and other necessary actions are important for creating proposals and submitting bids. With RPA, you can automatically track bid submissions, notify relevant team members, and initiate follow-up actions as required. 
  • Request for Information (RFI) Process: By using it, you can create an efficient Request for Information system. You can streamline submission, review, and respond to RFIs without any hassles. 

How Did We Help Comren Enhance Their Project Management Process? 

Comren is a US construction company working in the industry for almost 3 decades, specializing in hotel renovations and tenant improvements. They were looking for a single solution that would meet all their project management needs. Here is how we helped them deploy a comprehensive solution that utilized Power Automate and other technologies to achieve their desired goals. 

Use of Power Automate in the Manufacturing Industry 

On-time and errorless execution of processes is important in the manufacturing sector, as it avoids costly mistakes with production. By using PA, you can reduce errors by eliminating human intervention and get the work done faster. Here are some of the ways in which it can be utilized for the manufacturing industry. 

  1. Inventory Management: By combining Automate with Microsoft Power Apps, you can create an application that can help you manage inventory levels more conveniently and efficiently. You can automatically monitor inventory levels, receive alerts for low stock levels, and even automatically reorder the materials based on several set parameters. 
  2. Work Order Management: You can easily automate the creation and assignment of work orders with the help of custom Power Automate workflows. This will allow you to enhance efficiency in maintenance, repair, and several other production-related tasks. You can generate and assign work orders quickly and get the work done more effectively. 
  3. Product Lifecycle Management: It can help you automate individual processes at various stages of the product lifecycle – starting with concept and design to production and distribution. This helps you to take necessary actions quickly and resolve issues on time. 

Enhance Efficiency of Your Manufacturing Operation 

With our specially crafted solutions for the manufacturing industry, you can enhance efficiency and save costs in your production. Click here to visit our manufacturing solutions page to know more about how we have been helping manufacturers across Canada and the world. 

Realize the True Potential of Microsoft Power Automate with the Experts 

Evolvous is a certified Microsoft Gold partner and we have worked on a diverse range of projects, where we have helped clients derive operational benefits from Power Automate and our custom Robotic Process Automation solutions.

Contact us today to discover more about how our industry-specific solutions can meet the technological demands of your business. 


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