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    Benefits of using Power BI for Your Business - Evolvous

    Benefits of using Power BI for Your Business   

    As your Business grows and becomes more complex, you’ll need better ways to track performance and identify areas for improvement. Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence (BI) tool that can help you do just that. It allows you to connect to and analyze data from various sources, including Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, Azure HDInsight, and JSON files. You can then create reports and dashboards to help you visualize your data and track key performance indicators. In addition, the platform’s interactive visualizations make it easy to understand complex data sets quickly. As a result, businesses can make more informed decisions and quickly identify areas for improvement. In this blog, we will see more about the Benefits of using Power Bi for your Business.

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    What is Microsoft Power BI?   

    Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics platform that enables users to visualize and analyze data easily. It offers self-service data preparation and dashboarding and collaboration and sharing features. Because it integrates with Office 365, it’s perfect for those already familiar with the Microsoft suite. Additionally, Power BI has a free version which makes it an affordable choice for small businesses or individual users.   

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    Reports can be accessed on any device, including PCs, mobile devices, and tablets. They also offer different products based on your business needs. For instance:   

    What is a Power BI Desktop?   

    Power BI Desktop is a robust data analysis and visualization tool from Microsoft. It allows you to connect to data sources, build reports and dashboards, and share your insights with others. With Power BI Desktop, you can quickly get to grips with your data, uncover trends and insights, and make better decisions for your Business.  

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    What is Power BI Pro?    

    Microsoft’s Power BI Pro is a business analytics service that enables users to visualize and analyze data easily. It includes features such as custom visuals, collaboration, governance capabilities, and integration with many popular Microsoft applications. With Power BI Pro, users can access their data on the go, share insights with colleagues, and discover new opportunities to grow their businesses.     

    What is Power BI Premium?   

    Consider it a super upgrade of Power BI Pro. Power BI Premium is a suite of business intelligence tools that allows you to create and share interactive reports and dashboards. With Power BI Premium, you can connect to data in the cloud and on-premises and bring insights to everyone in your organization.   

    Benefits of using Power BI for Your Business - Evolvous 

    What are the key benefits of using Power BI for your Business?   

    • Data accessibility

    Companies create a large volume and diverse data every day, which is kept in databases and files that are entirely separate yet include linked data. You can connect to a single database or several databases using Microsoft Power BI and create associations between tables to retrieve the data. Excel files, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, Oracle, and even software services like Salesforce, Facebook, SharePoint, OneDrive, and others all have connectors that make connecting to data simple. It also has tools to connect to real-time data from several sources and monitor how it evolves in real-time.  

    Using Power Query, which allows performing transformations to make data more accessible, can complete the data treatment and modelling process quickly in PBI Desktop. In terms of data security, Power BI allows you to filter the data in the report based on the user’s department or job level inside the firm. For example, a director will be able to see the company’s revenues, while a retail manager will only be able to see the data from the store he oversees.  

    • Flexible visualizations

    Power BI has a range of visual alternatives, such as maps coupled with Bing Maps for geocoding and tools to visualize data using the R and Python languages, accessible immediately from the Visualizations panel. Custom graphics can also be created or can import visuals from the Microsoft AppSource collection. With so many alternatives, any business will be able to select the visualization that best meets their requirements. Because improving user experience is one of Power BI’s aims, it’s no surprise that it can build dynamic reports in which images interact. For example, you can filter or highlight additional views relevant to a certain aspect of a view by choosing it. It also allows you to synchronize filters between report pages to preserve your selections as you go through the report. Power BI also has the benefit of automatically identifying date hierarchies, producing appealing visualizations that describe data at several levels.      

    • Share content across teams

    Business users can effortlessly exchange material across several teams within an organization using Power BI, encouraging collaboration and decreasing isolated data reservoirs. You can define permissions for users, limit access to data depending on their location or job and build a unique workspace for your sales team to discuss reports. Alternatively, you can construct an App to share a collection of reports with your complete workforce and integrate the data into the organization’s day-to-day operations. Another simple option to distribute a Power BI report is through Microsoft Colleagues, which allows users to see data and dashboards from a single location, right where their teams are chatting, without switching contexts.  

    For most firms, security is a delicate issue. Power BI provides Microsoft Sensitivity labels to categorize dashboards, reports, data sets, and data flow using the same taxonomy used in Office 365 to classify and protect files to meet this need. PBI also ensures security by employing several authentication methods such as AD (Active Directory), SAML, Kerberos, etc.  

    • AI to leverage your analysis

    Power BI contains specific AI-integrated tools, such as Quick Insights, that allow you to take data analysis to the next level. You can use this functionality to execute rapid data insights and share those insights in reports and dashboards. For example, a business can utilize the function to determine what caused a recent sales surge and understand what elements are influencing sales. Power BI has more built-in AI tools to recognize the language used in a text, extract important keywords, do sentiment analysis, picture analysis, and construct machine learning algorithms. Questions & Answers (Q&A) is another AI-integrated tool that allows users to ask questions in natural language and receive answers in a visual format.  

    • Other notable characteristics

    It introduces Goals as a collaborative and adaptive approach to measure critical company KPIs and goals. Users can easily track the development of their Business by importing data from different Power BI reports and building Scorecards with write-back features. You can define team/organizational objectives, assign them to other team members, and exchange updates with them. When it comes to user experience and navigating between reports, Power BI’s options are virtually endless. For this reason, Microsoft created a feature that allows users to hop from one report to another in the same workspace or application, linking reports with similar material.  


    Microsoft intended to make data analytics more accessible to everyone, and it has made that easier. This technology isn’t just another Microsoft product; it’s also a powerful, user-friendly, and scalable tool for businesses. There are numerous good data analytics solutions on the market, but there is no denying that BI offers very powerful features and capabilities.  

    Find the right Microsoft Power BI Partner If you want to change the way data is displayed to your whole Business and stakeholders, Evolvous has a specialized consulting team ready to assist you with implementing an appropriate, successful Power BI solution. 


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