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Website: https://www.affinitytrust.org
Industry: Healthcare, Non-Profit organization
Location: United Kingdom
Technology: Digital Workplace, Intranet, SharePoint Online

Affinity Trust: case study

Affinity Trust chooses SharePoint Online as a basis for the intranet and connecting over 2K employees.

Originally known as TACT (Thames and Chiltern Trust), Affinity Trust supports over 1,000 people with learning disabilities across England and Scotland to live as independently as possible. They have been helping people with learning disabilities for more than 25 years. They have more than 2K staff members spread across 452 locations.

Having a network of over 2k staff working together indeed required immense teamwork.

Affinity Trust needed an effective internal communications solution and found it challenging to share content; there needed to be a centralized process to navigate documents. Also, the Customer needed to formalize the company’s internal processes, making it easy for employees to learn and follow them. Having a network of over 2k staff working together indeed required immense teamwork. Seamless collaboration was their primary focus.

Choosing SharePoint Online as a basis for their intranet.

The Customer chose Microsoft SharePoint Online as a basis for their intranet and turned to Evolvous, an experienced SharePoint intranet developer, for assistance in intranet implementation. We designed their intranet with custom branding to make it look and feel consistent with the company’s website. Following an analysis of the Customer’s requirements, their corporate landing page was designed with a news carousel, document storage and quick links to essential information about the latest happenings. It also included news, announcements, recent press releases, policies, upcoming events, time zone, weather, an image gallery and Twitter and Facebook integration to increase employee engagement. We also built different sites on SharePoint for various departments.

A solution that gives longevity is a strategic decision for businesses.

The Customer got a custom-branded intranet with balanced business and social features. Employees can now easily access the company’s content, create and edit. Track and share their opinions on the company’s news and events. Documentation is more organized, and access to information is faster and easier. The intranet has increased their overall productivity as well as streamlined operations. Dedicated department sites have broken down the departmental silos and have made knowledge management less confusing and more organized. With the new intranet in place, the team at Affinity Trust now experiences improved collaboration with improved capabilities.

For small businesses and NGOs, choosing an established platform and investing in a solution that gives them longevity is a strategic decision. Opting for a less expensive solution upfront can lead to higher costs and risks of failure in the long term, whereas Microsoft solutions come with an established reputation for their security and ROI.