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Website: https://www.agltechinc.com/
Industry: Engineering
Technology: Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 CRM, Integration, SharePoint Online

AGL Technologies Excel with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Portal

About AGL Technologies

AGL Technologies US-based engineering technology company, founded in 2020 with an aim to provide world class engineering and design services. They are an efficient and customer-focused organization, seeking to deliver the best value possible to its customers. It provides comprehensive engineering services, from ASIC and digital design to FPGA development and implementation. They possess the skills and experience to guarantee successful outcomes for highly complex projects.

The Principal Demands of AGL Technologies 

The client wanted an application that will be accessed by its external users and needs to be given only limited rights on the CRM records. They wanted to have a custom sign-in page for the application and apply a custom theme throughout the application based on the official website of AGL Technologies. The company also wanted to send the invitation to their contacts in Dynamics 365 CRM, containing the credentials of the Portal. The features of the form needed to be user specific. For example, they needed custom validations on the form based on the client. Once the client has entered their details, instant records must be created on Dynamics 365 CRM Platform, after going through certain validation checks and duplicate detection. The application was required to create contacts related to the parent account of the logged in user. They also needed a feature where the user can contact the support team directly from the application. To further support the user, the application should have sent automatic emails at various stages of the process. The lookup on the form must filter data based on the logged-in user specific criteria. AGL Technologies also needed SharePoint Integration with the application. They wanted to create user-specific folders in SharePoint when a record is created from the application.
Our team began by following up with their needs and then creating a list of actions that we thought could solve their imminent requirements.

How Our Customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM Portal Solved their Challenges

We developed a Dynamics CRM 365 Custom Portal for the client to fulfill the client requirements, which majorly include:

  • Creating an on-demand workflow that will autogenerate username and password for the selected contacts in Dynamics CRM 365 and send mail to each of them with their credentials to access the CRM Portal.
  • Automatically assigning web roles to the CRM Portal users, along with sending the CRM Portal invitation that will give the required permissions to the client on the portal.
  • Deleting the out-of-the-box sections and tabs from the CRM Portal sign-in page and design as per the client’s requirements.
  • Applying a common theme throughout the portal.
  • Displaying the related custom entity records of the parent account to the logged in user.
  • Integrating the SharePoint location into the records in the CRM Portal.
  • Displaying the records based on different criteria using the Entity List and Entity Permissions in the CRM Portal.
  • Displaying the records based on the logged in user specific criteria.
  • Creating ODATA queries in the CRM Portal for server-side duplicate detection from the CRM Portal.
  • Generating an ODATA query to automatically create records from CRM Portal on specific actions.
  • Using CRM Portal scripts to prevent auto-closing of the form on the click of the submit button of the Entity form. the out-of-the-box behavior of CRM Portal.
  • Using CRM Portal scripts for custom validations on the forms.
  • Utilizing Microsoft Flow to automate the creation folders in SharePoint based on the ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’ of the Custom entity records created from the Portal.
  • Automating workflow processes to send emails on different actions on the Portal, with the details auto populated from the CRM Portal.
  • Using ODATA filter on the lookup on the CRM Portal side to display records based on the logged-in user specific condition.
  • Leveraging Microsoft Flow to create related custom entity records of the Parent Account of the Logged-in user in Dynamics CRM 365.

Creating these options and pathways enabled AGL Technologies to embrace higher heights of performance, efficiency, and improved service delivery to their clients.

How Dynamic CRM 365 Benefitted AGL Technology?

After Dynamic 365 CRM installation, the client could create an external user accessibility system with their desired features.

  1. External users could log in with their credentials smoothly.
  2. Custom validation on the form.
  3. ODATA queries were posted and auto created in the portal.
  4. SharePoint could be used to create the Microsoft flow by entering their first and last names in the assigned places.

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