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The Problem

The Solution

The Impact

Website: https://aossmedical.com
Industry: Medical Practice
Location: USA
Technology: Integration, Microsoft Power Pages, Power Apps, SharePoint Online

Seamless Collaboration using SharePoint Power Apps: AOSS Medical Supply Case study

Customer portal for seamless collaboration using SharePoint, PowerApps and Power Pages: AOSS Medical Supply

Background and History  

AOSS Medical Supply has been trusted for over three decades as a leading provider of quality medical supplies and equipment with overall compliance to customer satisfaction and excellence in medical support. They are also a leading private medical supplier to the Plasma, Blood Bank, Hemodialysis, EMS, Dental, Surgical and Long-Term Care market segments. AOSS stands out with over 20,000 different products, medical supplies, and equipment. 

The Problem

With thousands of customers and vendors, AOSS Medical Supply were exploring low-code apps and how they could help optimize operations and drive efficiencies. They were looking for a solution that would help them improve business outcomes, increase collaboration between their staff and customers/vendors, and make the organization more flexible and receptive to the changing expectations for healthcare delivery while also helping ensure business success. 

Our Solution

Maintaining the standards requires staying connected and ensuring continuity—especially regarding data accessibility, processing, and reporting. Microsoft Power Apps, SharePoint and Power pages played a massive role in AOSS Medical Supply to adopt technology and support their digital and data transformation strategies. It was a quick and cost-effective solution for their critical use cases. Together with their team, we created a common portal for collaboration. The solution had two main segments – Vendor Portal and Customer Portal for effectively managing the invoices, Transaction history, and Project Documentation. SharePoint Online was leveraged as a backend database to track and manage the new and old vendors and their orders. It also had filter functionality along with Permission settings. 

The Impact

With a one-stop solution in place, the team at AOSS Medical Supply now experiences improved collaboration and modern capabilities. They can easily and efficiently manage the list of vendors and customers (old and new), significantly reducing the manual effort for document collection and processing and preventing delays or errors. The solution has increased their overall productivity as well as streamlined the processes. The AOSS Medical Supply team recognized that SharePoint was an intelligent investment for meeting the collaboration needs with customers and vendors.