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Website: https://www.dieselforward.com
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: USA
Technology: Application Development, Integration, Power Apps, Power BI, SharePoint Online

Power Apps Power BI Integration: Diesel Forward Case Study

Application Development with Power BI Integration Case Study

About Diesel Forward

Diesel Forward, Inc. is one of the largest and most trusted sources for OEM, new, and remanufactured components for the diesel aftermarket. Their distribution channel is operated through more than 21 central distributors and over 550 service dealers worldwide. They also run a fuel system remanufacturing facility and a state-of-the-art product development, service, and training center.

What Kind of Documentation Challenges Did Diesel Forward Inc. Face

Being a global leader, Diesel Forward, Inc. has many customers. Their challenges were:

  • They manually managed and tracked all customers, sales, and customer concerns in Excel sheets.
  • Reports were generated on Excel files with graphical representations and then uploaded to a cloud location.
  • Real-time collaboration and versioning were a challenge.
  • To share the files, they had to download them and send them by email.
  • Everything was done manually, which took much of their productive time and energy.
  • Human error was another big concern.
  • Excel sheets could not meet the desired security and privacy settings.

They desperately felt the need for a single solution that would make their lives easier.

H2: Solutions for Diesel Forward Inc.- Power Apps and Power BI

Experts at Evolvous suggested the Diesel Forward, Inc. team two separate applications using responsive Power Apps for managing and tracking Sales information and Customer concerns with SharePoint Online as a backend database. Our team integrated Power BI in both applications for all graphical reporting needs with filter functionality and had exclusive permission settings for end users.

Transformation of Diesel Forward Inc. With Power Apps and Power BI

Diesel Forward, Inc. made an essential step towards digital transformation with improved experience and productivity. Now they can:

  • Directly manage and track all customers, sales, and customer concerns in the application using simple filter options.
  • Reporting needs are met with rich Power BI dashboard visuals.
  • Teams are more productive as they can focus on essential business needs.
  • Data storage was more organized with SharePoint Online as the backend database.
  • Security and privacy concerns were met with exclusive access management settings.
  • Everything being on the cloud, real-time collaboration and versioning are no longer challenging.

Developing the two-tracker application was a complete productivity-boosting solution for Diesel Forward, Inc.

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