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Website: https://www.helvetas.org/en/switzerland
Industry: Non-Profit organization
Technology: Application Development, Integration, Power Apps, Power BI

Financial app with reporting capabilities – HELVETAS Case Study

Building a robust financial application with reporting capabilities using Power Apps and Power BI

Helvetas is an international network of independent affiliate member organizations working on developing cooperation and emergency response towards some of the most important topics the world discusses today, such as Food, Water, Climate, Jobs, Ukraine, Human rights, Gender and Social equality. They operate worldwide, which includes 40 countries supporting and improving the livelihoods of the poor and the underprivileged in these countries. 

Their challenges

Helvetas required a robust solution for managing all financial operations, such as creating contracts for partners, quarterly and annual budget releases, management of vouchers, and all fund transfers. Earlier, they maintained everything on Excel files with specific templates for each task, but with time, their team expanded, and so did their partner lists. Documentation and reporting got complex with multiple documents, mail exchanges and versioning. Manually generating reports took time which led to delays and data inconsistencies. The list included partners from 40 countries, which meant operating with different currencies and exchange rates. Working on Excel files needed more flexibility and real-time access to financial data. Inefficient processes made it difficult for Helvetas to make informed financial decisions.

Our Solution

When Evolvous completed the analysis stage, we proposed to build an application using Microsoft Power Apps that would automate the financial processes, provide real-time access to financial data, and enable seamless reporting with easy collaboration options. The major developments that we did include: 

  1. Application development using Power Apps, adding features such as expense tracking, budget management, contract management, fund tracking and invoice processing. 
  2. Integrating with Power BI, the application got reporting and real-time analytics capabilities.  
  3. History tracking repository for maintaining activity logs with time stamps and versioning history. 

Helvetas received a unified solution for all their financial needs without moving back and forth between different documents and tools.  

The Impact

The implementation of the application yielded significant results and benefits for Helvetas. 

  • Streamlined Processes: With several processes getting complied within one platform reduced manual effort and increased efficiency. Contracts were now better managed with options to add every detail in the platform, such as project start date, end date, duration, exchange date, etc.  
  • Real-time data accessibility: The application allowed quicker decision-making and enhanced financial analysis by giving instant reports and dashboards to the team.  
  • Custom reporting: Power BI offered them rich visualizations and interactive dashboards. Generating custom reports, in-depth financial analysis reports, and visualizing data gave Helvetas a lot of room for discussion, process improvement and better decision-making.