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Industry: Insurance
Location: Bermuda
Technology: Application Development, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Platform

Everest Re Case Study

Building a Vendor Management Portal for Everest Re with Microsoft Power Apps

About Everest Re

Everest Re is a leading global reinsurance and insurance organization. With over four decades of industry presence, Everest Re has become a global leader and is one of the top 10 reinsurers in the world.

Everest Re and Their Data Collection Challenges

Being a global leader, Everest Re has a long list of vendors. They were managing all vendor information, assignments, and information manually in Excel sheets. Moreover, they were transferring information via email and checking/collecting data from emails. Everything was being done manually, which took a lot of their productive time as well as energy. They desperately felt the need for a compact solution that would make their lives easier.

Power App Solutions for Everest Re

Our experts at Evolvous crafted a single platform for vendor management by leveraging Power Apps and Power Automate and providing bonus functionality using Power BI.

How Power Apps resolved their shortcomings

Using responsive Power Apps, our team built a single platform where Everest Re could add new vendors and set new assignments.

Leveraging Power Automate, users could conveniently track the progress of the assignments and send or check emails without leaving the platform.

With the bonus functionality, users can extract reports using Power BI with interactive dashboards and visuals. Users could export these reports conveniently in excel format.

Key Performance Metrics Improvement


Users Benefitted


faster processing times


fewer errors