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Website: http://csicalgary.ca/en/
Industry: Spectator Sports, Sports
Location: Canada
Technology: Application Development, Power Apps, Power Platform

Expense Management App using Power Apps: Canadian Sport Institute Calgary Case Study

Expense Management application using Power Apps: Canadian Sport Institute Calgary 

Background and History   

The Canadian Sport Institute Calgary is a non-profit organization dedicated to building, creating and educating athletes, coaches and sport science professionals. They are a key contributor to Canada’s world-leading Olympic and Paralympic podium performances.

The Problem 

Canadian Sport Institute Calgary sought to enhance the laborious expense management from the paper-based procedure, and numerous business-critical workflows finally became obsolete. Despite high operational costs and error rates due to human data processing, the Customer needed clarification on the breadth of automation necessary to advance their company’s expense management. Besides, Paper documents were also vulnerable to loss or damage. 

Our Solution 

As a priority task, our team at Evolvous designed and implemented a custom web application for user expense management and further approval of the invoices. The goal was to achieve a streamlined process for expense management. Choosing Microsoft Power Apps was cost-efficient.

The Impact 

Implementing a custom expense management system brought much-needed efficiency into expense processing. The system enabled centralized visibility into all items such as status, Requestor, Period, Date Submitted, Approving Manager, Approved Date, Expense total, Expense Paid or not, and Bank Details. Employees can log in and add their expense details. Designated approvers can log in from the approver gateway and approve the invoices at their discretion. 

Canadian Sport Institute Calgary made an essential step towards digital business transformation and improved the overall experience for the internal team with a user-friendly expense management system. It significantly reduced the manual effort for bill generation, collection and processing. Moreover, it prevented any manual delays or errors.