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The Problem

The Solution

The Impact

Industry: Financial Services
Location: Switzerland

SharePoint Integration with Gravity Forms

Customer Background and History  

Originating in the year 2014, the organization started with a vision to make Swiss tax matters easy and painless for individuals and small businesses. They specialize in delivering seamless service to expatriates and locally employed residents with international tax relations. 

Their Problem

When dealing with our client, it involves loads of data that are constantly being exchanged between both parties through emails and third-party app – Gravity forms. The client’s team relied heavily on manual processes for collecting and storing data, which is time-consuming and precarious.  

Our Solution

Our team of experts leveraged Power Automate to create a flow and integrated SharePoint with Gravity forms as a backend database.  

The Impact

Leveraging Power Automate, our client can now effectively capture all the information directly from Gravity Forms and store them on SharePoint as a backend database. Their team can now extract all the information in a single dashboard in a more organized format. Moreover, the application is designed to be a mobile responsive application accessible by the team from anywhere.