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Website: https://cmcfresno.com
Industry: Healthcare
Location: USA
Technology: Digital Workplace, Document Management, Integration, Power Automate, Power Platform, SharePoint Online

CMC Fresno Case Study

CMS Fresno’s Transformation Through SharePoint’s Integration with Adobe Sign Case Study

Overview of CMS Fresno

Children’s Medical Centers of Fresno first opened its doors in 2002 with the mission to improve access to quality pediatric care for the children of Fresno. Their team aims to provide a quality healthcare facility and an environment for their growth and development.

Record-Keeping Challenges for CMS Fresno Professionals

We all know that doctors are super busy, and the healthcare sector needs to abide by multiple guidelines and policies. With such hectic schedules, it is difficult to maintain all policies, remember all expiration dates, sign and update them on time, and much more. Moreover, keeping all the records handy and locally hindered sharing and collaborating.

Microsoft SharePoint Integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign: Our Propositions for CMS Fresno

CMC Fresno decided to integrate Adobe Acrobat Sign with Microsoft SharePoint for digitally signing their documents. Evolvous initiated the project by uploading all the existing content without affecting the business processes.

The Steps We Followed for SharePoint Integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign

The integration process included the following steps:

    Creating policy libraries.

  • Integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign for policy management.
  • Automating the backend process of document signing and notification with Power Automate (Flow).
  • Record keeping in separate folders yearly.
  • Using SharePoint as the central database.

How SharePoint Integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign Enhanced CMS Fresno’s Performance

We assisted CMC Fresno in managing and maintaining all necessary policies and documents.

  • Our client dramatically reduced the time it took to check and record essential documents – from days or weeks to hours.
  • Our team integrated SharePoint with Adobe Acrobat Sign using Power Automate to standardize and automate the process of signing all important documents and policies across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Best of all, it provided a central repository for maintaining all the documents using Microsoft SharePoint, significantly improving data management. Now the policy management procedure is more efficient, well-organized, and updated.
  • Since it’s a cloud platform, accessibility and collaboration were easy for the team at CMC Fresno.
  • With explicit permission management settings, documents or folders can be directly shared with anyone and accessed worldwide.

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