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The Problem

The Solution

The Impact

Website: https://comreninc.com/
Industry: Construction
Location: Tarzana, CA, US
Technology: Digital Workplace, Microsoft Teams, Power Apps, Power Automate

Comren Case Study Automating the Mundane Business Processes

Automating The Mundane Business Processes And Driving Organizational Efficiency with Seamless Collaboration.

As technology advances, new solutions are created to simplify the tasks that businesses need to perform on a daily basis. One of these solutions is virtual collaboration. Collaboration allows companies to connect no matter their physical location. Virtual collaboration solutions are crucial in the modern business landscape because they offer businesses new opportunities to collaborate on new projects. With the rapid growth in the technological landscape, businesses are operating in an age where collaboration and integration are essential. For this to happen, organizations need to focus on seamless, digital collaboration.

Comren Background and History  

Comren – a nationally recognized, commercial general contractor who specializes in hotel renovations and tenant improvements have been in the industry for almost 3 decades and have worked with some of the world’s most renowned brands, viz: Marriott and Hilton. Comren was founded in 1992 in a small warehouse by brothers William and Edward Amstutz in Chatsworth, California.

“Extremely professional, knowledgeable and timely. They were able to successfully interpret my project goals despite my untechnical nature. The end product was excellent and they worked hand and hand with me on edits along the way. Charan was an awesome partner throughout this process and can’t wait to engage them in more projects.”

Kristopher Amstutz
Vice President, Comren, Inc.

Their Problem

Being in the construction industry every project required an effective way of collaboration for sharing daily reports, changing orders, submittals, etc. They were using Microsoft Teams, Planner and Excel but did not get the desired seamless collaboration.

The construction industry is one of those industries that don’t follow emerging innovative trends too quickly and enthusiastically but at the same time, the global developments drive the industry to adopt many of the current trends.

Our Solution

Comren reached out to team Evolvous looking for a single solution that would be meeting all their project management needs, be it sharing files or discussing the heads up on the ongoing project or managing the shifts.

Our team of seasoned consultants suggested Comren:

  • Using Microsoft Teams with Power Apps.
  • Automated the entire process of project management.
  • Integrated Microsoft Teams with a custom-built Power App, Power Automate and Graph API.

The Impact

Comren has successfully achieved a seamless platform for collaboration. They create every project-related team, assign their managers, have different channels, with distinctive security and privacy features, share files, manage shifts, orders, submittals – all in just one platform – Microsoft Teams.

They run the entire program in minutes which used to take days.