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Website: https://www.connectfirstcu.com/en
Industry: Financial Services
Location: Canada
Technology: Document Management, Integration, Power Automate, Robotic Process Automation, SharePoint

Implementation of SharePoint Document Management System: connectFirst Credit Union Case Study

Implementation of a SharePoint Document Management System and and Document lifecycle digitization: connectFirst Credit Union

connectFirst Credit Union: Background and History

connectFirst Credit Union is the tenth-largest Canadian credit union, offering an extensive range of financial services and products. It has over $5.5 billion in assets under administration and more than 125,000 members across 41 locations in 26 southern Alberta communities. connectFirst Credit Union has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

Their Problem

connectFirst Credit Union required a unified document management system to streamline document-driven business processes across the organization. They wanted to reduce the amount of paperwork. Additionally, they aimed to preserve the integrity and security of the authorized documents. 

Our Solution

connectFirst Credit Union decided to use SharePoint Online as their document management platform and trusted Evolvous, a seasoned provider of SharePoint document management software, to execute the SharePoint DMS project. Following their needs, our team implemented the SharePoint Online document management system for securely storing their data in the cloud. We defined the rules for organizing the documents into libraries and folders and searching them by metadata across the storage.  

Our team also proposed digitizing document management and implementing e-document and digital signature management tools to reduce paperwork. We fully automated the life cycle of documents by integrating DocuSign using API with Power Automate Flow. To manually set up the digital signature workflow, the initiator must create a document selected from the existing document templates and fill up the request form.

After completing the form, an automatic email notification was sent to the workflow participants asking them to review the document with a 4-digit code. The workflow was completed when the item was approved and digitally signed by the participant. Upon signing, all the documents would get stored in PDF format.  

The Impact

connectFirst Credit Union was able to optimize document storage and processing with the help of the established document management system built on SharePoint Online. With the help of document storage, the customer has been able to organize and make all of the company’s documents easily searchable across the libraries, improving the productivity of their business activities involving documents.

connectFirst dramatically reduced the time it took to check and record essential documents – from days or weeks to hours. Best of all, it gave a central repository for maintaining all the documents using Microsoft SharePoint, significantly improving data management.