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Website: https://www.sovereigninsurance.ca
Industry: Insurance
Location: Canada
Technology: Digital Workplace, Intranet, SharePoint

Intranet Development for Insurance Industry: Sovereign Case Study

How a Canadian Insurer Benefited from Custom SharePoint intranet development using SPFx 

Sovereign Insurance Background and History 

The Sovereign General Insurance Company (Sovereign Insurance), a mid-to-large commercial insurance provider, has been empowering Canadian businesses to succeed by developing and distributing risk solutions for years. 

Why Did the Client Need Custom SharePoint Intranet? 

Sovereign Insurance operates throughout Canada as a mid-to-large commercial insurance provider with a network of people working with them. The scale of that teamwork is truly immense. They required an intranet in place to collaborate. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the crisis hastened the need for remote collaboration and staying connected. They were running multiple programs which required collaboration with access management. Their primary focus was on making collaboration easy and as secure as possible.    

Tailoring the Collaboration Experience with Custom SharePoint Intranet Development  

Collaboration is a multifaceted process requiring exquisite attention to protecting internal data and that of its partners and other external parties. Our team at Evolvous planned and implemented the intranet for Sovereign Insurance with their desired custom branding.   

Using SharePoint Framework to Customize the SharePoint Intranet Site

Using SPFx we customized the footer, contact directory and webparts. Following an analysis of the Customer’s requirements, their corporate landing page was designed with a news carousel, document storage and quick links to essential information about corporate branding. It also consisted of news, announcements, recent press releases, policies, upcoming events, time zone, weather and an image gallery.  

The Impact of Our Custom SharePoint Intranet Solution

With the new intranet in place, the team at Sovereign Insurance now experiences improved collaboration and improved capabilities. The look and feel of their SharePoint intranet sites match their company theme and branding.  

Providing a Platform for Efficient Information Exchange

Documentation is organized, and access to information is faster and easier. The intranet has increased their productivity and streamlined the processes. Dedicated sites have broken down the departmental silos and have made knowledge management less confusing and more organized. They recognized that SharePoint was another essential way to meet the urgent need to communicate within the teams. As a result, the Sovereign Insurance team can now manage their environment more securely and effectively. 

Key Performance Improvements 

Users Impacted: more than 250 

Reduction in document retrieval time: 70% 

Value of assets impacted: $70 million