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Industry: Healthcare
Location: Canada
Technology: Digital Workplace, Document Management, Intranet

How Our Custom Intranet Solution Facilitated Collaboration for One the Largest Mental Health Organizations in Canada? 


About the Client

The client is one of the largest mental organizations in Canada. They focus on identifying and responding to the most pressing mental health priorities facing the nation and its people. Currently, the client operates more than 10 provincial/territorial divisions with over 50 local branches/regions in over 300 communities, serving millions of patients across the country. 


Why Did the Client Need a Modern Intranet Solution? 

The client faced several challenges that impeded smooth operations and the ability to deliver quality support to their patients. Two of their core challenges were ensuring efficient collaboration and managing documents. 

Enhancing Collaboration Was Critical 

The organization of the client was spread across various locations throughout Canada. Therefore, collaboration between the different branches was critical for a smooth operation. Unfortunately, the organization lacked a system that enabled its team in various locations to work seamlessly together.

The Need for a Smarter Document Management System  

It was also important for the client to have an advanced document management system to manage all their data in a smarter way. As an organization that operates nationwide, they received, processed, and stored large volumes of data. They needed a system where they could store the data in a secure and accessible way. Their current system took too much time when it came to searching and retrieving the right document. It was also important to maintain the confidentiality of their sensitive data during the information exchange. 

Considering these major challenges, it was decided to build a modern and capable intranet which would not only store the data but also enable the geographically diversified team to collaborate more effectively and achieve the desired results. 


How Our Custom Intranet Solution Helped Them Achieve Thier Goals? 

After having a detailed discussion with the stakeholders, and assessing the needs accurately, we went to the drawing board to chalk out a plan that works for their growth. As a team we zeroed in on using Microsoft SharePoint for developing a robust intranet and document management system (DMS).

Designing an Intranet Experience that Delivered Performance 

When it came to designing the intranet, we targeted not one but two key areas. We wanted to make sure that it enhanced collaboration the way the client wanted. At the same time, we wanted to ensure that it delivered a user-friendly experience to users from diverse backgrounds. 

To boost collaboration, we created specialized team sites for individual departments like Mental Health, Housing, Addictions, Justice, Counselling & Treatment. This not only made intra-department collaboration more seamless, but also simplified the way different departments interacted with each other. 

Evolvous is trusted for its track record of building user-friendly intranet sites. We were successful in doing that with the client’s intranet as well. We designed the site by aligning with their corporate branding and logos.  

For the home page, we included sections and custom web parts for industry news and announcements, quick links to important sites and information, documents, company events, and FAQs. 

Making their Document Management System More Intelligent 

The archaic document management system used by the client was cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Security was also a major concern.  

With our customized Document Management System based on SharePoint, they were able to organize their important documents in SharePoint libraries. With its advanced search capabilities, finding the right document was a breeze. 

To ensure security, we configured the user permissions on a granular level so that the right information is accessible to only the right person. 


Helping the Client to Deliver Better Care to the People in Need 

With our customized intranet development solution, the client was able to unlock better efficiency. They reduced the time and errors in managing documents, allowing them to deliver better care to the community, faster. 

By boosting collaboration, they were able to innovate and improve their services. By transforming their document management processes and building a robust intranet, the impact was felt across the organization. 

Key Performance Metrics Improvement


faster data retrieval


faster service delivery


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