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Website: https://comreninc.com/
Industry: Construction
Location: USA
Technology: Digital Workplace, Integration, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online

Deploying Microsoft Teams for effective collaboration: Comren – case study

Deploying Microsoft Teams for effective communication and collaboration

Comren – a nationally recognized commercial general contractor specializing in hotel renovations and tenant improvements- has been in the industry for almost three decades and has worked with some of the world’s most renowned brands, viz: Marriott and Hilton. Comren was founded in 1992 in a small warehouse by brothers William and Edward Amstutz in Chatsworth, California. After the pandemic the entire world adopted a hybrid work culture, and in the case of Comren, a hybrid work culture forms the core of all activities. Implementing Microsoft Teams revolutionized how their team communicates and collaborates across multiple locations. Before this implementation, communication between the off-site and on-site teams was inefficient and often resulted in delays.  

Inefficient communication and lack of collaboration increased overall cost and client dissatisfaction. 

Being in the construction industry, Comren had multiple projects across multiple locations. Different stakeholders at different levels across various locations faced a significant challenge in coordination and communication. Inefficient communication and lack of collaboration resulted in project delays, increasing costs and client discontentment. Additionally, the major challenge was to ensure that all on-site workers had access to the latest documents with the latest versions in real time. 

Implementing Microsoft Teams was a real game changer.

After evaluating different options, Comren found that implementing Microsoft Teams was a real game changer. It provided a platform for real-time communication and seamless collaboration among all team members across locations. Our technology experts at Evolvous carefully identified the stakeholders and key users across the company.

Since Comren already used SharePoint, integrating Microsoft Teams was relatively easy. SharePoint acted as the backend database and smoothly allowed access to all project documents. Permission management was regulated, giving limited access to confidential documents. Deployment was straightforward, allowing remote participants to see, hear and participate from anywhere. With features like whiteboarding and screen sharing, collaboration got super easy. Wiki pages, Advance search capabilities, multiple lists, and private channels were some of the other features added to the solutions.  

Real-time communication and improved access management gave more accurate and error-free results.

The implementation of Microsoft Teams across the company and some customization as per the requirements paved the way for some impactful results. Comren experienced increased collaboration resulting in faster project completion and reduced costs. Microsoft Teams was the new hub for collaboration and communication. Real-time communication and improved access to project documentation gave more accurate and error-free results. Seamless remote communication and collaboration increase productivity, directly improving client satisfaction. Undertaking complex projects became much easier and less rigorous.