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Website: https://www.dalecarnegie.com/
Industry: Professional Training and Coaching
Location: USA
Technology: Application Development, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Platform

Dale Carnegie Case Study

Digitizing Dale Carnegie’s Vendor Management using PowerApps, Power Automate (Flow), and SharePoint

About Dale Carnegie

For more than 100 years, Dale Carnegie has supported communities to prosper by improving the personal and financial well-being of people and companies. To date, they have helped eight million-plus individuals with their training programs and online courses that offer people the knowledge, skills, and practices they need.

Manual Documentation Management Issues for Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie used manual paper-based documentation for managing and tracking the vendors and their orders, which was difficult to maintain and affected their productivity. Tracking lacked visibility. For this reason, Dale Carnegie was looking for a solution that could consolidate all its data in one place and give them the flexibility to operate and manage everything in a single place.

Microsoft Power Apps and SharePoint Online as Problem Solvers

Evolvous saw a perfect chance to bring digital transformation to Dale Carnegie’s business. Our team designed and implemented a custom application using Microsoft Power Apps and SharePoint Online as backend databases to track and manage the new and old vendors and their orders. Our team delivered a complete, ready-to-go web-based vendor management system with an automated notification system leveraging Power Automate (Flow).

How did Microsoft Power Apps and SharePoint Benefit the Company

The application made it easy to add new purchase order requests and new vendors and itineraries such as vendor ID, dates, shipping details, or any additional attachment; there is also an option to add sub-items to any purchase order. It also had filter functionality along with permission settings for users, where admins had the authority to add or remove vendors and approve or reject orders.

Impact of Employing Microsoft Power Apps and SharePoint as Solutions

Dale Carnegie made an essential step towards digital transformation and an improved experience.

Now they can:

  • Easily and efficiently manage the list of vendors (old and new).
  • It significantly reduced the manual effort for document collection and processing, preventing delays or errors.
  • Track accurately.
  • All the data was stored centrally in SharePoint.

Setting up all the required components within a few weeks was possible because the Microsoft Power Platform made it easy and intuitive and was a complete productivity-boosting solution.

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