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Website: https://www.eips.ca/
Industry: Education
Location: Canada
Technology: Application Development, Integration, Power Apps, Power BI, Power Platform

Power BI Case Study

Making Information More Accessible for One of the Largest Public School Divisions in Alberta

About Elk Island Public Schools

Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) is one of Alberta’s largest school divisions, imparting education to more than 17,000 students in 42 schools across the province. The Division was formed in 1995 after regionalization and employs over 850 full-time teaching staff and over 500 full- time equivalent non-teaching staff. The aim is to provide students with the tools to achieve success by offering dynamic programming, up-to-date resources, and practical professional development opportunities.

The Challenges Faced in Policy Management 

As a large public-school division, Elk Island Public Schools needs to manage several policies related to educational programs, asset management, finances, and other operational areas. To manage the policies, they used two separate applications.

One of the apps showed the list of all the published policies. Another app was used to create a new policy document or send a request to change the existing ones.

The client felt the need to adopt a simpler approach where a single app will be used to execute all actions related to the policy documents. They also need to create reports and analyze the data generated through policy document management actions. So, the client wanted to create a Power BI report to monitor the statuses of all the actions and get real-time insights into the current stages of the policies.

Developing a Solution Leveraging Custom App Development and Microsoft Power BI 

To understand their specific challenges, our team at Evolvous engaged in detailed and productive discussions with all the stakeholders concerned. After analyzing the critical operational challenges, we decided on a comprehensive solution which combined our custom app development abilities and expertise in Power BI to deliver the desired simplicity and efficiency.

Our Custom App Development Solution

As EIPS wanted to combine the features of the two different apps they were previously using, we proceeded to do the same. We conceptualized a single app leveraging Power Apps where they can both see the list of published and draft policies and execute all the actions related to the documents.

We decided to add multiple filter options to make it easier for the users to find the relevant documents quickly. The app was to have a feature which allowed users to view the policy document and initiate the policy approval process.

Integrating Power BI for Better Visibility into Policy Management  

Power BI was another critical component of the solution we devised for Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS). Our team of Power BI experts planned a customized report and dashboard that will give the user better visibility into the policy approval process, including real-time insights into statuses. The aim was to make the data more accessible and help the management at EIPS take data-driven decisions on process improvement.

How We Implemented the Combined App Development and Power BI Solution? 

After a detailed analysis of the requirement and completing related actions, we started the work on developing the application and automating the email notifications.

After the solution was completely developed and rigorously tested, we presented the app to the client. As a part of the process, we also trained the target user groups, which included both teaching and non-teaching staff. Following that, we started the work on the Power BI report. Once that was up and ready, we integrated the custom Power App and the Power BI report, facilitating a secure and seamless information exchange between the two.

How Our Solution Improved the Policy Management Process at EIPS?  

Thanks to our solution, Elk Island Public Schools now have a single app, that facilitates the management of the entire process – starting from the request submission to the analysis of the request through BI.

This improved the user experience, reduced errors, and increased accountability throughout the process. It also gave the management better visibility in the policy management process and helped them make better decisions.

Key Performance Improvement

1000 +

Users Impacted


School Benefits

34 %

Reduction in Approval Times