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The Problem

The Solution

The Impact

Industry: Oil and Gas
Location: USA
Technology: Azure, Integration, Power Automate, Robotic Process Automation, Third-party tool

RPA functionality in Power Automate: Guardian Fueling Technologies case study

Saving hours using RPA functionality in Power Automate 

Background and History   

With more than 3500 years of petroleum equipment experience and 500+ employees, Guardian Fueling Technologies is a world-class petroleum equipment distributor, fuel systems construction contractor and innovative service provider.  

The Problem 

Guardian Fueling Technologies used a third-party website platform, for all accounting needs, adding hundreds of new orders and payments monthly. The process is repetitive and time-consuming, requiring a dedicated employee to log into the third-party tool, download the needed attachments (the number varies from 1 to 10 per record), create an excel file, and manually add the attachments and forward it to their client. Now, repeat that process multiple times. There’s absolutely no value in this. They needed to find an alternative to this repetitive, manual process. 

Our Solution 

To help Guardian Fueling Technologies address these problems, our team chose the robotic process automation (RPA) capability in Microsoft Power Automate. We automated all manual processes using desktop flow to convert all lower-value tasks to automated ones.  

The Impact 

Implementing robotic process automation (RPA) capability in Microsoft Power Automate brought much-needed efficiency into the business process of Guardian Fueling Technologies. To help Guardian Fueling Technologies address the problems, our team automated the entire process by leveraging Azure VM. Power Automate desktop flow selects an available virtual machine configured for this process, creates the gateway, and logs in. This allows a bot to take control and run an unattended automation:  

Step 1: Open Chrome browser and log into the third-party tool by adding the credentials 

Step 2: Check today’s date and go to the orders 

Step 3: Grab the order and payment details 

Step 4: Create a separate worksheet in the single excel sheet and add the details collected in step 3 

Step 5: Upload the file to OneDrive and close the browser.  

Azure VM will be shut down, and the flow will be terminated. The solution turned out to be a huge time saver from a data consistency point of view because now the Guardian Fueling Technologies team no longer has to worry about the quality of the data or its migration. Now they have an automatic process that runs in real time instead of manually uploading hundreds of these at the end of the day.  

Adding RPA to this process alleviated that mundane, error-prone manual task that had no value-add. It also helped prevent loss of data or tracking version history. It also greatly improved processing time and data accuracy, which freed up the time to work on more strategic projects and increased job satisfaction.