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Website: https://www.adscensio.com.au
Industry: IT & services
Location: Australia
Technology: Application Development, Power Apps, Power Platform, SharePoint Online

Adscensio Case Study

How Power Apps and SharePoint helped Adscensio’s inventory management

About Adscensio

Adscensio provides a comprehensive set of services to its customers in the Australian market with tailored digital as well as technology strategies that meet their unique requirements and business objectives.

Content Management Challenges for Adscensio

Adscensio used manual paper-based documentation for managing and tracking the PPE kit stocks, which was difficult to maintain and affected their productivity. Tracking lacked visibility into the exact amount of stock across the entire inventory at any time. For this reason, Adscensio was looking for a platform that could consolidate all its data in one place and give them the flexibility to operate and manage everything on a single platform.

Power Apps and SharePoint as a Solution

Evolvous saw a perfect chance to bring digital transformation to Adscensio’s business. Our team designed and implemented a custom application using Microsoft Power Apps and SharePoint as backend databases to track and manage their inventory. The custom development process was integrated with IT operations, so the teams could jointly and more efficiently build, test, and release the solution rapidly.

Our team delivered a complete, ready-to-go web-based inventory management system for managing and tracking the PPE kit stocks in less than three weeks.

Visible Benefits of Using Power Apps and SharePoint

Adscensio made an essential step towards digital transformation and an improved experience. Now they can:

  • Easily and efficiently control their inventory operations.
  • Significantly reduced the manual effort for document collection and processing, preventing delays or errors.
  • Track and plan accurately.
  • All the data was stored centrally in SharePoint.

Setting all the required components within a few weeks was possible because the Microsoft Power Platform made it easy and intuitive and was a complete productivity-boosting solution.

Key Performance Metrics Improvement


Better efficiency


Reduction in Document Issues


lower human effort