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The Problem

The Solution

The Impact

Industry: Automotive
Location: Canada
Technology: Digital Workplace, SharePoint Online

Improved employee engagement and knowledge management with SharePoint Intranet

Background and History  

Our client is an international leader in the automobile sector with multiple business units at various geographical locations. They have a rich history of delivering some of the world’s known brands to the transportation system.

Their Problem

After achieving rapid growth, our client’s existing technology could no longer support knowledge management for employees across their various geographical regions. They lacked an effective internal communications solution to replace their former on-premises intranet. Employees found it difficult to use and share content, the search feature was non-supportive to their current demand, and there was no centralized process to navigate documents. Having a centralized employee hub to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications was essential.

Our Solution

Being an existing Microsoft 365 user, our experts suggested and found SharePoint to be a straightforward and cost-effective solution. Integration would be smooth and seamless and will allow employees to find information quickly, collaborate across the organization, and engage in meaningful ways, irrespective of the device or location.

The Impact

Our team took the approach of creating custom web parts, layouts, and page templates for the required functionality. The look and feel of their intranet sites match their corporate theme with custom branding. The dependence on the internal communications team for content has lessened because now they can update and maintain their respective regional sites and create their self-sufficient content.

The documentation process was now better and more organized, with archiving functionality. Every location now has its dedicated document location, making finding the correct information at the right time simple and convenient. Our client saved time, improved data accessibility, and increased employee productivity with standard navigation and an intuitive search function. This solution promoted a work environment that enabled collaboration, enhanced productivity, and eliminated friction between process, technology, and employees.