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Website: https://sbenergy.com/
Industry: Renewable Energy
Technology: Power Apps, Power BI

Driving Operational Improvement at a Renewable Energy Major with Power BI & Power Apps

About SB Energy

Founded in 2019, SB Energy is a major renewable energy company in the United States. Backed by SoftBank Group Corp. and Ares Climate Infrastructure, the company has successfully commissioned 3 GW of solar energy projects, creating around 10,000 direct and indirect jobs and powering more than 330,000 homes. 

Operational Challenges Faced in Request Processing 

The client, like most other large enterprises in the renewable energy sector, needed to process large volumes of documents every day. Different teams, field-based and office based, sent various approval requests using traditional methods. These documents were to be approved by the Engineering Team and other teams across the organization

On average, they received more than 50 approval requests every day, around half of them were Requests for Information (RFIs). The documents were to be reviewed by a small group of experts working within the Engineering team. The team had to ensure that the requests met the set parameters regarding safety, engineering standards and overall quality. The approval requests needed to be processed within a maximum of 10 days.

The company was struggling to maintain efficiency within the process. They needed an integrated solution which would make it simpler for their team to submit requests for approval. At the same time, they needed a system that would help them optimize the overall approval process.

Combining Power Apps & Power BI to Boost Efficiency

When Evolvous was contacted with the challenge, we engaged with the stakeholders and determined that an integrated solution leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Power Apps and Power BI will be an ideal fit for their requirements:

Why Did We Choose Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps is a low-code application platform that allows for quick development and deployment of professional applications. Apps could be designed to meet various operational requirements and can be accessed through various channels. Applications built using Power Apps are also user-friendly. These features allowed us to build an app that facilitated sending and receiving approval requests.

How Did Power BI Help?

Power BI is an advanced data visualization and analytics tool that had the potential to generate useful data insights that could be used by the engineering team to closely monitor the entire approval process and discover opportunities to further improve the process.

How Did We Develop the Right Solution to Improve the Approval Process?

After a detailed discussion with the stakeholders, and carefully analyzing the processes, we worked towards conceptualizing, developing, and deploying the integrated solution.

Using Power Apps to Facilitate the Approval Requests

After understanding the process, we worked on building an application using Power Apps. The app allowed the employee to send approval requests directly to the concerned authorities.

The user could attach the important files along with the request with just a few clicks. Some approval requests needed to be routed through multiple approvers. The app gave them the ability to choose the approver to whom they want to send the requests.

Upon receiving the requests, the managers can view the requests, check the documents and if they meet the set standards, approve them with the click of a button. If they needed any changes, they could add their directives as their comments.

We also added the provision where all requests were stored in the backend. The user who sent the requests could view the version history as well as check the individual who approved it and the comments.

The app also had a feature which the user could use to print the records,

Improving the Handling of RFIs

Handling RFIs was another crucial aspect that the client wanted to focus on. So, we paid additional attention to it as it deserved.

We created a similar dashboard for their RFI handling processes. However, we added additional filters and custom data, which improved the searchability of the documents.

The user could also add questions and admins/managers can answer the question. This resulted in better information exchange.

The user can also edit, view, and export the document for their reference.

Leveraging Power BI to Optimize the Process

Power BI played a crucial role in the integrated solution as it served them with insights that helped to further optimize the process.

All the submitted requests were tracked by Power BI. The Power BI dashboards gave them access to data like average time taken respond to requests, and total submissions. This gave them an idea of the requests that are pending and aided in better planning.

The Impact of Our Integrated Solutions

After the deployment of the process, the team significantly improved their efficiency. Now, a single admin can effectively handle requests from more than 500 users and respond on time for every single request.

With insights from Power BI, the team at SB Energy can process requests by consuming significantly less time and costs.

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