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Industry: Insurance brokerage
Technology: Power Automate, Power Automate Cloud Flow, Robotic Process Automation

Power Automate Case Study

Transformation of a leading insurance group with RPA (Power Automate) Technology

Our client is a full service Commercial & Personal Lines Insurance Brokerage firm and is Canada’s leading as well as most trusted insurance group with several locations across Ontario and three other locations which includes Alberta, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The team works with families and businesses and offer home, automobile, business and specialty insurance across the province. They have a team of 800+ brokers who are focused on delivering outstanding and personal customer service.

Outstanding Challenges 

The insurance industry has long been considered a cornerstone of financial stability, providing individuals and businesses with protection against unforeseen risks. However, the industry grapples with many challenges where technology is a major challenge. With the current AI eruption our client faced a significant challenge in managing the integration of approximately 100 insurance quotes received daily into their Power Broker Management system. Their existing process involved manual entry of each quote into the system, which was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. The repetitive nature of this task added to the operational burden and impacted overall productivity.

How Robotic Process Automation Was Used to Solve These Challenges 

To address this challenge Evolvous, an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions provider leveraged Microsoft Power Automate Desktop and Microsoft Power Automate Cloud flow to develop an automated workflow and streamline the integration of quotes into the Power Broker Management system.

Methods Used to Analyze and Implement Robotic Process Automation Technology

The implementation included:
1.Analysis and Design
The RPA team conducted a thorough analysis through workshops with their team to understand the existing quote integration process and designed an automated workflow using RPA technology.

2.Development of RPA Flow
A customized RPA flow was developed to automate the entire quote integration process. The RPA bot was programmed to perform the following tasks:

  • Pull all incoming quotes from JIRA, the project management tool.
  • Launch the Applied Rating Services Application, the software used for rating insurance quotes.
  • Search for each quote within the application based on unique identifiers.
  • Fill in the required details for each quote.
  • Integrate the quotes seamlessly into the Power Broker Management system.

3.Testing and Deployment
Our team made sure the workflow met the requirement standards by running continuous testing to ensure accuracy and reliability. Once validated, the solution was deployed into the production environment.

Results Achieved with Utilization of Robotic Process Automation  

The implementation of the RPA solution yielded significant benefits for our client:

Efficiency Gains
The automation of the quote integration process eliminated the need for manual data entry, resulting in substantial time savings.

Error Reduction
By automating repetitive tasks, the RPA bot minimized the risk of human errors, ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

Improved Productivity
With the manual workload reduced, teams at our client’s end focused on more value-added tasks, increasing productivity.

By leveraging Microsoft Power Automate Desktop and Microsoft Power Automate Cloud flow for RPA functionalities to automate the quote integration process, our client overcame the challenge of handling a large volume of quotes daily. Implementing the RPA solution improved the overall operational efficiency and enabled them to deliver superior service, ultimately driving business growth and success.

Key Performance Metrics Improvement

800 +

brokers impacted


quotes processed daily


branches benefitted