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Website: https://americas.rocg.com
Industry: Business Consulting and Services
Technology: Digital Workplace, Integration, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online

Improved Service Delivery with Microsoft 365: ROCG – Case Study

How ROCG Improved Service Delivery with Our Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Consulting Services

ROCG is an international professional services and consulting firm with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. For over two decades, they have specialized in strategy, finance, operations, value building and business transition for privately owned and emerging growth enterprises.  

The Challenge for Our M365 & SharePoint Consultants

ROCG had recently moved to SharePoint Online for better collaboration and knowledge management but found it challenging to share content with clients and other external parties. They used traditional communication channels like email, which lacked real-time collaboration functionality. ROCG had different Hub sites for each department and program but needed help with version control issues in documentation, facing delayed project timelines. 

How We Solved It by Integrating Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online

Our Evolvous experts suggested integrating SharePoint Online with Microsoft Teams to address these challenges. It provided ROCG with a unified platform for real-time and seamless collaboration among team members, clients, and external parties. We integrated SharePoint libraries and lists into Microsoft Teams by creating different channels and allowing teams to access, edit, and co-author files directly within the Teams interface. The integration was straightforward because SharePoint was already in place. It included permission management and access control setups providing limited access to confidential documents.  

Results Achieved Through Our Custom Software Solutions

The integration of SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams had a significant positive impact throughout the organization. ROCG experienced increased collaboration resulting in faster project completion and reduced costs. Internal teams could easily navigate through documents without switching between applications. Sharing files with clients and third parties is easy and safer now, eliminating the need for cumbersome email chains.

Improved document sharing with an advanced search facility allowed the teams to focus more on important tasks instead of wasting time searching for documents and finding the latest version of the document. Teams became more organized, and projects better coordinated. Having a unified platform fostered real-time collaboration, transparency and a culture of improved productivity.