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The Solution

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Website: https://www.knightis.com
Industry: Facilities Services
Location: TX, USA
Technology: Power Automate, Power Platform

Knight Industrial Services Case Study

Integration with HubSpot and Sage Intacct using Power Automate Flow 

Knight Industrial Background and History 

Since 1980, Knight Industrial Services has strived to deliver the best multi-craft services – sandblasting, painting, insulation, fireproofing, soda blasting and scaffolding for several industries.     

Their Problem

Earlier, when the industry size was small, it was easy to maintain all the customer details and invoices manually. Whereas when the market size gradually expanded, it gave rise to problems such as – manual data collection, too much information, reporting, invoicing, visualization, forecasting, to name a few. Knight Industrial Services used HubSpot as their CRM to maintain their customer details and Sage Intacct for invoicing needs. With new technologies, earlier problems were addressed but paved the way for new ones.  

Their current challenge was adding customer details manually to HubSpot and then separately adding the points for pre-job deals to the invoicing process. This manual process was hectic, time-consuming and had room for mistakes.

Our Solution

Our team of experts suggested leveraging Power Automate – Flow to integrate HubSpot and Sage Intacct furthermore to extract data automatically from HubSpot for pre-job phase deals and directly add them to their invoicing system – Sage Intacct.  

The Impact

API will collect the metadata for all the pre-job phase deals and copy them directly to their invoicing software – Sage Intacct. All this happens when HubSpot flow is triggered, and it sends an email notification to trigger the Power Automate flow. Once there is a trigger, it creates a new ID in Sage Intacct with the help of XML Query.  

This automation brought down their hours to minutes with zero chances of error and doubled their overall efficiency. Maintaining the invoices was now more manageable than before.