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The Problem

The Solution

The Impact

Industry: Financial Services
Location: Canada
Technology: Migration, SharePoint Online, Third-party tool

Migration from Lotus Notes to SharePoint Case Study

Lotus Notes Migration to SharePoint Online 

Customer Background and History

Our client is a Canada-based financial service company delivering a range of insurance options to help people easily take care of their insurance needs. They have been in the market for more than two decades and have adapted to the shifting markets and customer demands while striking the right balance between protecting the enterprise and enabling efficiency, agility, and profitable growth. 

Their Problem

Being in the industry for years gave them a diverse range of project participants with distributed needs. They had thousands of Lotus Notes databases with no lifecycle management. Collaboration was a concern, and so were the complex workflows. Due to the company’s decision to migrate from Lotus Notes to Microsoft SharePoint, strategies had to be made to facilitate the migration. 

Our Solution

Our experts at Evolvous analyzed the Lotus Notes environment capturing inputs regarding Lotus Note database information and design elements and mapping the features that SharePoint does not support. Our team successfully migrated their data to the SharePoint portal based on field mapping between Lotus Notes and SharePoint and converted all the Notes data into a format that maintained the original form layouts and metadata.  

The Impact

As a result of the successful migration, different databases with different designs were stored in one central repository while maintaining each database’s unique look and feel. Searching and finding relevant information has now become effortless for their team. Preserving the form layouts was crucial since they were built and integrated into their workflows. We transferred their historical records to their digital preservation system with the original view structures, packaged in a fresh and modern interface.