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Website: https://anxietyhouse.com.au
Industry: Healthcare
Location: Australia
Technology: Digital Workplace, Intranet, SharePoint Online

Anxiety House Case Study

Making a Difference with Online SharePoint and Intranet for Anxiety House

About Anxiety House

Our client, Anxiety House, is a psychology practice company that provides evidence-based treatment for anxiety disorders in Brisbane, Australia. They have a team of experienced psychologists with Masters’s and/or Doctoral level qualifications and extensive working experience in their respective fields. They continuously focus on empowering people and children to overcome their anxiety with support and respect.

Challenges with Implemented Online SharePoint

Their internal team had designed and implemented an intranet on SharePoint online, but it lacked the finesse. They wanted to redesign their landing page with a professional look and feel with their custom branding.

Redesigning Their Online SharePoint Intranet

A seasoned SharePoint intranet provider, Evolvous, was approached by the Customer to create a professional intranet. Following an analysis of the Customer’s existing intranet, our team redesigned their intranet, which was built by their internal team. Following the Customer’s branding guidelines and design specifications, our team also incorporated custom branding that matched their branding; this included a custom header with search, navigation, and theme color.

What Changed for Anxiety House with their Redesigned Online SharePoint

With a brand-new custom design for their intranet, the team at Anxiety House had a rich and wholesome experience. We created used

  • banners,
  • quick links with icons,
  • company vision and mission statement,
  • news and announcements corner,
  • recent documents,
  • notification about new team members,
  • onboarding process,
  • key employee highlights,
  • new policies and procedures,
  • events,
  • training videos and links,
  • job openings,
  • company images,
  • quotes of the day,
  • social media links,
  • office location with Bing map.

The Customer was provided with a user-friendly multifunctional experience that addressed all their major needs.

Key Performance Metrics Improvement


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Better Collaboration


Improved Document Management