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Industry: Solar Electric Power Generation
Location: USA
Technology: Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 CRM, Dynamics 365 Feild Service, Dynamics 365 Sales, Integration, SharePoint Online

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Field Service for Improved Organizational Efficiency

About The Company 

Our client is committed to protecting the environment. They are in the clean and renewable energy business. Their focus is on the generation of sustainable energy solutions for homeowners and property owners.  

Quality and clean energy are what they guarantee to provide, which improves their customers operational efficiency and is supposed to remain safe over their entire life cycle. Likewise, they maintain the highest standards in generating responsible product choices and solar panel installation services. 

Using solar energy helps reduce human dependence on fossil fuels and solves greenhouse gas emissions and grid constraints. Therefore, solar energy, along with other clean and renewable sources, can help shift society toward a new energy future. Our client’s organization plays a key role in this transition process.  

Fossil fuels pump tons of poison into our air daily, and their finite availability prompts transitioning to better renewable energy sources. Above all, the sun is the most powerful and reliable energy source we have, and it can provide energy to the earth for billions of years. 

Understanding the Shortcomings of our clients 

We tried understanding the shortcomings of our client which prevented their sales team from achieving maximum benefit. 

  • Their first issue was with the order approval process and required implementation of changes for it.  
  • They also needed to integrate e-signature capabilities within sales operations.  
  • They required a new order approval process which may face resistance from both sales staff and customers who are accustomed to the old system.  
  • To address this, they required a thorough training of their existing staff.  
  • They also needed extensive consultation on the benefits of the new process.  
  • They expected us to highlight how it streamlined operations, reduced errors, and enhanced their operational security. 

Integration Issues:  

  • Integrating e-signature software with your existing sales system might present technical challenges.  
  • Work closely with the IT department or software vendors to ensure smooth integration. 

They needed implementation of a field service process where workers can easily create:

  • On-site work orders,  
  • Gather necessary details, and  
  • Store information in SharePoint before seeking customer approval. 


How did we solve our client’s problems? 

All these issues indicated using a technological solution which could be a suitable answer to their many problems. We suggested Dynamics 365 Sales and Field Service to our client. It is a powerful technology that helps businesses improve their organizational infrastructure.  

What did we do to effectively streamline their organizational needs? 

A few steps from our end solved their functional and operational incapabilities. 

  1. Our team created a structured folder hierarchy in SharePoint to categorize and organize the files uploaded by field workers.  
  2. We orchestrated separate folders for each work order or customer to maintain clarity and accessibility.  
  3. We generated and implemented an order approval process and integrated e-signature capabilities into their system. 
  4. Our team developed a mobile-friendly interface or application for field workers to create work orders on-site. It included fields for capturing essential details such as customer information, job specifications, time spent, materials used, etc.  
  5. We also generated clear guidelines and training for field workers, helping them collect and document relevant information during service visits.  
  6. With our inbuilt integrations and effective solutions, field workers could be easily prompted to capture images, videos, notes, and any other data that may be useful for job completion and customer approval. 

Did MS Dynamics 365 Sales Integration Helped Our Client’s Ends? 

Our clients were able to better track and access neatly segregated data. Field workers could effectively use applications for capturing essential customer information securely. Our guidelines helped workers better handle and use the integrated technological upgrades.