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Website: https://focusedresources.ca/
Industry: Educational non-profit
Location: Canada
Technology: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales for Education Service Provider the Client Focused Education Resource, is based in Canada

About Focused Resources 

They are K-12 experts driven by members in a non-profit mode. Their ambition is to optimize the K-12 education system with suitable resource suites capable of contributing to every educational aspect.
Their programs serve British Columbia, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories of Canada more prominently. Digital classrooms, sector-wide procurement abilities, privacy impact assessment templates, professional resources, educator’s assessments, and technological leadership are different member (schools and educational institutes) benefits.
When they approached us, they wanted to mitigate a few challenges.

Why Did Focused Resources Feel the Need for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales? 

The client wanted to shift from their existing Excel-based solution to Dynamics 365 Sales. They wanted to manage the schools to whom they were providing services, which were being organized at multiple levels, the services that they were providing, and the various vendors who were also providing their own services through Focused Education Resource to the schools. They also wanted to be able to export the data from sales and import the data into QuickBooks once a year.

Helping to Migrate from MS Excel-based Processes to Dynamics 365 Sales

We studied their existing Excel-based system and came up with a phased development plan. In the first phase, we created tables for schools, dioceses, districts, and groups.
We also created a table for managing the number of students in these schools, which depended on whether they were independent schools or a part of a district, diocese, or group.

Maximizing Impact of Microsoft Dynamic 365 Sales with Innovative Solutions

In the next phase, we begin by incorporating the calculations that needed to be performed to ensure the schools, districts, dioceses, and groups got the quotes according to the services they selected as per the number of students they had.
We also slightly modified the out-of-the-box marketing lists so that end users could send bulk emails to the schools informing them of new services, changes in existing services, or events.
We provided Excel files that served as a template to move the data between Sales and QuickBooks and allowed users to import data from government sources. Because this data transfer exercise had to be done only once every year, we went with Excel data import to keep the costs down.

Results Achieved After Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

After implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Focused Research saw a remarkable improvement in their outreach processes. They successfully built a unified platform where they can access and manage all the information about their partner institutions. This helps them reduce the turnaround time and to deliver a better service. By making it easy to reach several schools in one go through bulk emails, they can discover more opportunities and drive their mission forward.

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