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Website: https://www.associated-couriers.com/
Industry: Logistics, Supply Chain, Transportation
Location: USA
Technology: Data Warehousing, Power BI

Associated Couriers Case Study

Power BI and Data Warehousing together became the most comprehensive solution 

Associated Couriers is one of the leading and certified healthcare and life science logistics companies delivering best-in-class courier solutions and services for medical, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries across 40 states from 18 hub locations. They have a company-owned fleet of vehicles delivering life-saving diagnostics and therapies for over four decades. They have more than 1,200 drivers and staff trained and certified to assist in handling time-critical and life-saving shipments. 

For Associated Couriers, tracking deliveries across various geographies and generating accurate financial reports was challenging. With 18 distribution centers and a complex supply chain, tracking deliveries in real-time and ensuring compliance with local regulations was daunting as everything was being maintained over an Excel scorecard. For maintaining data associated with deliveries, inventory and financials, Associated Couriers used third-party transactional software together; everything hindered the company’s ability to generate consolidated and accurate reports for analysis.

Moreover, generating financial reports, analytics, and a comprehensive view of key performance indicators (KPIs) required manual data extraction, manipulation, and consolidation, which delayed the entire reporting cycle, and reduced decision-making agility. Overall, it was challenging to identify areas for improvement and optimization of operations. 

Implementation of Power BI for analytics and a Data Warehousing system for centralized data storage.

To address the client’s challenges, our team at Evolvous proposed a comprehensive solution involving the implementation of Power BI for analytics and a Data Warehousing system for centralized data storage to streamline its operations and reporting capabilities.  

Power BI Implementation: 

We designed four separate reporting systems for Associated Couriers. One for tracking the deliveries, the second for tracking the financial KPIs, the third for tracking weekly reports, and the final one would track reports for each specific region.  

We designed interactive Power BI dashboards for real-time tracking of the status of deliveries, such as the movement of shipments, any potential delays, address issues, etc., across different geographies. Interactive visualizations were developed to showcase delivery time, route optimization, and inventory turnover KPIs. This empowered the management to identify operational bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions. Using Power BI’s capabilities, we automated the generation of financial reports, which included parameters such as revenues, driver commissions, cost per mile, etc. This eliminated manual data manipulation and reduced the chances of errors.  

Data Warehousing Implementation: 

Considering the scalability factor, we suggested a data warehouse architecture to ensure the solution remained viable and performant as the company expanded its operations. We designed and implemented a centralized data warehouse that integrated data from various sources and provided a unified repository of structured data that was cleansed, transformed, and organized for consistent and accurate reporting. The data warehouse enabled the consolidation of information, eliminating manual efforts in data extraction and manipulation.

Associated Couriers optimized logistics operations, reduced costs, and enhanced overall efficiency. 

Through the implementation of Power BI for analytics and a Data Warehousing solution for centralized data management, Associated Couriers successfully overcame its delivery tracking and financial reporting challenges.  

  • The company gained real-time insights into delivery operations, enabling proactive issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction.  
  • Streamlined its reporting processes and reduced the time and effort required for generating financial reports, leading to faster decision-making. 
  • The availability of accurate KPIs and performance analytics empowered the company to optimize logistics operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency. 

Overall, Associated Couriers achieved better operational efficiency with a comprehensive solution, ultimately positioning itself for sustained growth in a complex and competitive industry and improving their service to healthcare providers and patients worldwide.