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Website: https://broadwayexports.com/
Industry: Export, Manufacturing
Location: India
Technology: Access Management, Document Management, Migration, Permission Management, SharePoint Online, Third-party tool

Document Management Security: Broadway Exports INC Case Study

SharePoint Online – a comprehensive solution with advanced document management, version control, security and collaboration features.

BX Group operates worldwide; Broadway Exports is one of their subsidiaries, operating as an internationally reputed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Metal Handicrafts. They specialize in manufacturing a broad assortment of Stainless steel, Iron, Copper, Brass, Aluminum ware and Glassware products and also offer electro-plated nickel, Gold & Silverware decor items in stainless steel, Brass, Copper, and Aluminum & Iron.  

Centralized data repository became the need of the time.  

BX Group recognized the need to streamline its document management processes and enhance collaboration among geographically dispersed teams. They sought a comprehensive solution with advanced document management, version control, security and collaboration features across all its subsidiaries. Starting the project with Broadway Exports, we found that they were using Dropbox for document storage and sharing, which led to fragmented data and a need for a centralized repository. Other challenges included real-time co-authoring, document commenting, workflow integration, access and permission management, and lack of integration became evident, leading to concerns about future scalability. 

Data loss can be avoided during migration with meticulous data mapping. 

Upon collaborating with Evolvous, Microsoft Gold partners and an experienced IT consulting firm, Broadway Exports had a comprehensive migration plan ready for execution. After thoroughly assessing the existing data in Dropbox, our team categorized the files based on their importance and relevance and then developed a detailed migration plan outlining timelines, roles, responsibilities, and potential challenges. 

Meticulous mapping of data from Dropbox to SharePoint Online was performed by experts at Evolvous to maintain the consistency of folder structures, permissions, and metadata, ensuring no data was lost during the entire migration process.  

A comprehensive test was run to identify and resolve any issues with data integrity, permissions, and accessibility before the final migration. The actual migration was executed in different stages: 

  1. Beginning with non-critical data and  
  2. Gradually moving to more sensitive documents.  

This approach minimized any disruptions to their existing daily operations. 

Microsoft SharePoint Online is flexible and scalable enough to accommodate increasing data volumes. 

Broadway Exports started realizing significant results after the migration and have also decided to implement SharePoint Online across all its subsidiaries. Some of the major results were: 

  • Centralized Repository: SharePoint Online provided Broadway Exports with a centralized document repository, eliminating data fragmentation and improving searchability. 
  • Enhanced Collaboration: With features like co-authoring, version control, and integrated commenting, collaboration among teams improved significantly, accelerating project timelines. 
  • Security and Compliance: Microsoft SharePoint Online‘s advanced security features, including encryption, access controls, and compliance tools, ensured that sensitive data remained secure and compliant with industry regulations. 
  • Integration and Productivity: Integration with Microsoft 365 suite and other applications boosted productivity by enabling seamless workflows and data sharing across platforms. 
  • User Adoption: The training sessions and ongoing support resulted in high user adoption and enthusiasm for SharePoint Online, facilitating a smoother transition. 
  • Scalability: SharePoint Online scalable infrastructure ensured that the platform could accommodate increasing data volumes and user demands as the company grew. 

Broadway Exports successful migration from Dropbox to SharePoint Online was the right decision as it perfectly aligned with the company goals and objectives, facilitating collaboration, security, and overall efficiency across the organization.