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Website: https://www.campbellcompanies.com/
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: USA
Technology: Digital Workplace, Intranet, Migration, SharePoint Classic, SharePoint Online

Campbell Companies Case Study

Migration From Legacy SharePoint Classic Intranet to its Modern Version: A Case Study for the Campbell Companies

Campbell Companies Background and History

With a total workforce of more than 1,000 employees throughout the Intermountain West and an additional 40 locations, Campbell Companies is the best equipment distributor and service supplier in North America.

Challenges with Working with The Legacy SharePoint Classic

Campbell Companies were dedicated users of Classic SharePoint. It caused too many technical issues, and Microsoft is gradually depreciating the technology along with SharePoint Designer and its workflows. Moreover, the legacy SharePoint became outdated in terms of design and functionality. Additional challenges with Classic SharePoint that Campbell Companies faced:

  • lack of functionality in their intranet
  • Poor user experience
  • Custom branding was not available

Transitioning to Modern SharePoint as a Solution

Our team started by analyzing the customer’s business needs and initiated the project by crafting a detailed plan to ensure a quick and flexible migration of the existing content without affecting the business processes. Our team based the new design on SharePoint Modern UI to enhance the look and feel and maintain consistency with the company’s brand.

Migration Steps from Legacy SharePoint Classic to Modern SharePoint

The Migration process included three stages:

  • Modern interface with custom branding
  • Permission management for all departments
  • Content search using SharePoint’s search engine

How did Campbell Companies Benefit from the Transition

Campbell Companies obtained a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use, engaging, and more functional intranet that fits in well with their existing IT infrastructure and meets the company’s business needs. The custom-branded intranet supports corporate culture and nurtures a sense of community.

The redesigned intranet efficiently connects all the company’s employees and allows them to effortlessly keep track of news and events, freely communicate, collaborate, and quickly find any colleagues or information they need to fulfill their tasks.

Key Changes Generated from the Transition for the Campbell Companies

The key components of the new intranet included:


  • The homepage contained a range of social and business features, which included:
  • Quick links for business information: company info, navigation, key persons, news and announcements, all important documents, recent documents, employee handbook, knowledge base, calendar
  • Quick links for social features: work anniversaries, birthdays, employee directory, company’s social accounts, and events.

Department sites

For departments such as Accounting, HR, Marketing, Procurement, Legal, IT, Safety, and Training, to name a few, a similar design layout was followed to create an informative and easy-to-manage site. Each had quick links for Recent and important documents, the owner of the document, News, Announcements, Key persons of the department, FAQ’s, SOP’s, and Events.

Key Performance Metrics Improvement


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