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Website: https://www.bldrschoice.com/
Industry: Building Materials, Construction
Location: USA
Technology: Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 Business Central

Builder’s Choice Case Study

Need for enhanced functionalities, improved integration, and better scalability 

Builder’s Choice began in 1999 as a small cabinet distributor in Houston, Texas and has grown exponentially between 1,000 and 1,500 homes yearly. They are known for the quality of building materials and products installed in over 6,000 homes annually. They currently have more than 50 resident employees who manage every aspect of the business, from sales, design, field management, order processing and customer care and an additional team working onsite. Builder’s Choice has become the first name customers can count on for cabinet, flooring design and installation, and in-demand natural and manufactured stone countertops.  

Replacing the existing systems with a more robust and scalable financial management solution. 

For Builder’s Choice, their typical day would look like taking orders from customers, processing the orders, undertaking safe delivery of orders, installations by the onsite team, inspection and quality check, recording modification requests, invoice and payment processing. The order processing mechanism was completely manual on Excel files. Moreover, the field service technicians found it difficult to scan the barcode of the orders and then use them for order processing. Managing the account payment details was also done manually using third-party accounting software, which was tedious and prone to human errors. Builder’s Choice has experienced consistent growth, necessitating a more robust and scalable financial management solution to replace its existing systems and build a seamless platform encompassing all aspects of the business. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central was the desired all-in-one solution. 

Upon understanding the challenges, our team at Evolvous suggested Dynamics 365 Business Central as one comprehensive solution for all their needs. Considering Builder’s Choice is in the growth phase and constantly scaling, their systems struggled to manage the increasing transaction volumes and complex financial processes. Dynamics 365 Business Central’s cloud-based architecture ensured the system could quickly scale with the company’s growth, accommodating increased transaction volumes and other complex operations. Our team carefully migrated all the historical data from their existing third-party tool to the new system without compromising data integrity. The new system enabled prompt transactions, accounting, and advanced financial reporting, providing greater control over financial operations with robust reporting and analytics capabilities. The onsite team used the Canvas App, which is more user-friendly and gave them an interactive experience for updating and managing new orders and modification requests.  

Positioned for sustainable growth in the highly competitive construction and building materials industry.  

The transition process was carried over several steps, resulting in manifold results. Dynamics 365 gave insights into their financial performance, supported strategic decision-making and helped them identify opportunities for growth and optimization. The new system accommodated the company’s growth, ensuring long-term scalability without compromising performance. Customer service improved with efficient operations, order accuracy, and on-time deliveries. Integrated processes reduced manual data entry on Excel files, minimizing errors and streamlining operations across all departments.