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Website: https://principle-networks.com/
Industry: Information Technology
Location: United Kingdom
Technology: Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Pages

Power Pages Dynamics 365 Case Study

Helping Principle Networks Deliver Better Customer Service using Dynamic 365 and Microsoft Power Pages

About Principle Networks 

Principle Networks is a UK-based company providing transformative solutions to network and security projects supporting cloud service adoption, business enablement, and the modern workplace. Principle Networks is the best carrier and service provider to deliver the most suitable connectivity. Their offerings ensure that the customers get the most flexible, cost-effective, and resilient solutions.

Helping to Enhance the Impact of their Existing Dynamics 365 Platform  

The organization has various contracts with the customers in Dynamics 365, and hence they wanted their customers to interact with the Dynamics system to know the details regarding their cases being managed in the system. We helped them to look at customer requirements in a much more efficient way. Principle Networks thus moved towards understanding and embracing Dynamic 365 and Power Pages.

Required Functionalities for Dynamics 365 and Power Pages

Their customers served as their driving force behind their operations. To help them serve better, we had a detailed discussion with the client and decided on developing the following enhancements leveraging the capabilities of Dynamics 365 and Power Pages:
Dynamic 365:

  1. Customers would have a clear idea of the status of the cases managed at the backend of Dynamics was one of the reasons why they needed it.
  2. Also, they wanted their customers to get involved in the communication logs regarding their contract-related cases which helped provide solutions to the complex network issues that would impact their businesses.

Power Pages:
Microsoft PowerPage was the best fit approach to bridge the customers with their contracts associated with Principle Networks.

How Our Solutions Based on Dynamics 365 and Power Pages Resolved their Challenges?

Upon successful implementation of the solution based on Dynamics 365 and Power Pages, the operational efficiency improved significantly. The team can now interact effectively with the end customers via Power Pages, which have been redirected from the Principle Network’s website.
The client can also manage the cases transparently with the end customers and overcome any gaps between the organization and the customers.

Key Performance Metrics Improvement

30+ users impacted - Evolvous

30 +

Users Impacted

53% reduction in issue resolution time - Evolvous

53 %

Reduction in Issue Resolution Time

client benefitted - Evolvous

15 +

Client Benefitted