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Website: https://prosperitybh.com
Industry: Health, Wellness & Fitness, Healthcare
Location: USA
Technology: Application Development, Digital Workplace, Power Apps, SQL

Prosperity Behavioral Health Case Study

Patient record keeping with Microsoft Power Apps 

Prosperity Behavioral Health, Patient record keeping with Microsoft Power Apps.

Background and History Prosperity Behavioral Health

Prosperity Behavioral Health is one of the largest U.S. behavioral health companies delivering seamless services in Billing and Collections, Accounting, Analytics, Tax Consulting, Managed Care Negotiation, Back office and Patient Responsibility. 

Their Problem

Prosperity Behavioral Health was using excel sheets to manually maintain and register all patient records like registration, surgery details, payment details and billing. Having a considerable number of patients every day and getting all specifications on different surgeries generated much information to be translated and doing everything manually was a difficult job. Everything was hectic, time-consuming and had room for mistakes. They were heavily dependent on excel files and email processes for any collaboration.  

Our Solution

Our team leveraged Azure SQL server as their backend database and developed a fully automated application using Power Apps to bring everything together under one parasol. The application was planned and designed to have three separate modules – Registration, Authorization and Billing for seamless collaboration in every department. 

The Impact

Having an automated application in place proved to be a good decision. With all the functionality for registration, authorization and billing in one application under three modules, Prosperity Behavioral Health enjoyed and utilized their team’s full potential. Registering new patients was possible in just a few clicks. Uploading and updating billing details for a single payment or a bulk payment can be done just by selecting the entries, which saved hours and decreased the chances of any mistake associated with patient data.  

Azure SQL acting as a backend database, improved data management multiple times with explicit permission management settings and better visibility. The documentation process was now better and more organized. Having all the data under one umbrella increased the overall efficiency and saved much time concerning collaboration.

The application also had a minor functionality for the admin, which allowed them to add employee details, new facility, and new insurance provider in real-time. 

With the right tools, keeping track of patient records is quick and easy. You can learn more about Microsoft Power Apps and how it can help your medical practice by contacting us today.